This week's excuses?

Last week the unbeatable Lions lost because they didn't have DD or Buck. What was the problem this week? You can blame injuries all you want, but it came down to two missed FGs by your starting kicker and a fumble by your starting kick returner. Can't much blame the backups for this one. Fun game to listen to though.

Go Riders!!

P.S. I appologize if this offends any Lions fan who wasnt whining all week.

This post has the nutritional value of a twinkie.

Why would you post something to entice whiners to start whining? Good job trolling :smiley:

I do my best...

Hey, I am going to school in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing to do. It is not my fault I enjoy basking in the ignorance of others.... besides saying this will entice the whiners to whine implies that they actually require enticing.

Go Riders!!

As I said in another thread, I thought this game was won in the trenches, and there were no injuries there for BC!

Good observation.
I suspect they will still find something to whine about, however.
Either that (and one can hope)or we just won't hear from them at all.

I think certain BC fans have brought this on themselves, and deserve some "enticing"!

Really? We should entice them?
How's this....
I guess the wheels are coming off in BC as the once mighty Leos fail two weeks in a row to beat teams, at home, that were riddled with injury.
If the Leos can't defeat such depleted teams, what hope do they have when the rest of the league gets healthy?

Enticement enough?

How 'bout this: B.C. lost to a half deck of cards two weeks straight now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will they make the Playoffs? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote="Chief"]How 'bout this: B.C. lost to a half deck of cards two weeks straight now. :stuck_out_tongue:[/...
Bombers came up with Aces.....
Beats a pair of Kings...anytime..

Please. I think Hamilton has a better shot at making the playoffs than B.C. does. :lol:

Bomber fan, Stones fan, Drinker, and poker fan.....are you sure you're not my twin brother?! :thup:

The problem with some of the BC participants in this forum is their lack of respect for others. I'd suggest we don't be hypocritical - let your teams speak for themselves by beating the Lions, but leave it on the field, not in the forums. Just my point of view.

I could care less about respect from others on an internet forum, what riles me is the ignorance of fans who think their team cannot lose. Must be pretty humbling for them right now.

Nothing hypocritical about this topic. We’re just having a little fun. :wink:

My bet is we dont see RLR or BCL4life for the next week or so...

We must be....
I like all those things...
Great Province with Great Great Peaople..
Go Blue...

You lose the bet.

Winnipeg played an amazing game. I actually thought we played well (minus Paul McCallum). If the field goals were in, you know the drill... 6-1. But we can't rely on "if this" or "if that", we just gotta do it.

I enjoyed the game but it hurts to have special teams lose it. Buck played well for the most part. Congrats to Chad Mock on his first ever CFL touchdown.

In the next CFL draft, I think we need to look for a stud NCAA kicker (Nick Setta). Everyone has bad games once in a while but Paul has been having a bad season.

Nice to have Otis Floyd back. Again, Winnipeg played great.

If BC isn't making the playoffs, then neither are the Riders. We have the same records.

Worry about your own team, who are in the basement of the West.