This weeks depth chart

Thomas at left tackle again
Not sure he is our long term answer there

Robinson starting at safety again

I would like to see Siskowic get some reps at MLB this week

Kashama being dressed might just light a fire under NML at DE

Minor tweaks, go get-em boys!!!

Also, Jo Jo Walker is in, Eddie Cohen is out.

Can't imagine Siskowic getting in at MLB unless the game is out of reach in one direction or another.


I'm glad Jo Jo is back in.

What Cohen did to earn starting ahead of Jo Jo is beyond me....not that it is saying much.

Here is the depth chart

click here

I want to see more of that
'pass on first down' mentality

to get Winnipeg back on their heels
to open up the run later in the game.

First of all I'd like to say, I hope our boys will rally together and pull out a win in honor of our Little General. Lets give Ron something to smile about when he looks down on us Friday night.

Just a couple interesting changes to note...

  1. JoJo Walker - Back up Slotback behind... Scott Mitchell. :roll:

  2. Adam Kania - Back up Defensive End behind Terrence Patrick.

  3. Alain Kashama - Back up Defensive End behind NML.

  4. Cameron Siskowic - Back up Middle Linebacker behind Cornelius Anthony.

  5. J.P. Bekasiak - Back up Left Guard behind Peter Dyakowski.

On a side note it looks like the coaches have realized that they had the wrong receiver on the practice roster and made the appropriate changes... :lol:

No surprises really.

I don't know why we keep starting Mitchell. He drops a number of throws...i would like to see Ernest Jackson and what he can do.

Jackson has been in… had his shot… nothing…

With Siskowic drawing in on the roster, they have been practicing more of a 3-4 defensive option.

Earnest Jackson hasn't seen the field in the regular season. By all reports he looked strong in Camp but got injured at the end of it.

How do you figure he had his shot?

8) He obviously doesn't know who Earnest Jackson is !! :roll:
 That is why   !!

Walker and Siskowic are only in on the 46 man roster. Two imports have to sit tonight and barring any unforseen circumstances those two will be Walker and Siskowic.

Whatever happened to the "Bauman at SB" experiment?

I guess it went south with Taaffe.

whoops, I just double checked depth charts from earlier in the season, I was mistaken. There has been more consistency on the roster this year than past years, but still you've gone through so many WR that I can't keep track of them all. For some reason I thought Jackson was on for the first couple games then cut and brought back. In fact it was Willie Ponder... then Eddie Cohen (that must be the 'E' name I was thinking of)for a couple. But it Rodriguez has really stuck for a few weeks now and looked damn good so I don't think he's coming off anytime soon. Mitchell has had soome tough stretches but when hes "on" hes REALLY "on" and worth a bit of a gamble at this point IMO.

The import ratio is in a little flux, with changes on the d-line and also with Jesse sitting. Still, seems likely that Walker will sit again. Smith will dress for sure, making the prospects for a back up import wide receiver an unlikely scenario.

Probably the proverbial "look-see" for next year.
This is a rebuilding year, isn't it, which means it's really an early start to the 2009 training camp.

Naw walker will play