this weekends far

montreal at edmonton drew 44 624 ( highest CFL game this year )

winnipeg at hamilton drew 27 443

calgary at toronto drew 24 637

BC at saskatchewan drew ????....

good numbers considering fans STILL turn up for the ti-cats even when they were 0-8 ( loyal fans )

and toronto's game was moved from thursday to wednesday ( not a typical CFL date )

....if edmonton drew 44 624 against rivals montreal, i wonder how they'll do when they host the rematch against BC???

HAMILTON fans are AWESOME............the ARGOS had a season low.................the game was moved...............

Well done, EDMONTON fans.................just wait until LABOUR DAY and after............WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edmonton games usually look like small crowds on tv. ...cuz even when theres 35 000 people there, theres still 25,000 empty seats....but tonite, it looked pretty when i looked for the numbers, i wasnt surprised that there were 44 600 there....looked real good on tv.

i can't wait to see the stadium crowd on t.v. the next 2 Eskies home games
( calgary and BC )

i know it was an argo season low...but when compared to recent years, that woulda been among the highs.....CFL is growing!!!!!

PS....has anyone noticed, updated the standings but has STILL not added toronto's win over calgary, when that was the FIRST game of the week.....WTF?!?!?!?!

Maybe, they are in deneil. :lol: :wink:

now they gave toronto the points...BUT they say they've only played 8 can they have 6 wins and 3 losses but only played 8 games...hmmm????..... is the worst for updating stats!!!

It's amazing that the league currently has 3 teams averaging over 30,000 per game. And the average attendance so far this year is 27,502, which is 1% higher than last year's average of 27,303, and 6% higher than our average at this time last year (25,874). Every team has an increase in attendance over this time last year, except Montreal (who are even, obviously) and Ottawa.

It is so exciting that this league is showing such a rebirth. Those of us who were fans when it wasn't cool are now considered trendsetters. People don't stare at us like we're zombies when we walk the streets in our caps and T-shirts anymore.

And to think it wasn't that long ago that the naysayers were saying that the league was going to fold. I'm sure you'll still find some out there, just like you'll find some who insist the world is flat. I saw a so-called "psychic" on TV just last year who predicted that the Cats would fold at the end of this season. Well, I may be a bit premature, and I'm no psychic myself, but I'm predicting she'll be wrong.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D This is such a great feeling! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

And it is not just that......................they have allot more major league sponcers , greater T.V. numbers, DVDS , a Magazine, more U.S. exposure...........ect............The CFL is a league on the rise.

i hope they put the HARD-cap in for next year to save them from themselves!

That is up to MONTREAL , B.C. and HAMILTON.

montreal should definitely be infavor of a hard cap, since they only have 20,000 seats....they cant afford to let they're payroll increase because they have no way to make the money back, except raising ticket prices....and u cant do that every year.

and if hamilton is drawing 27 000 every game when theyre team sucks...they have nothing to lose with a hard-cap system....

well , write those owners , I did. I agree with you.

Again I don't believe Montreal ignores the cap(I don't know for a fact)
Montreal has time time again let players go because they did not want to pay the salaries they were demanding.

Every year they find no-name replacement who are not making the big bucks.
Sure they have big name big salary players but not enough to blow the cap. At least no worst than anyone else

yea...i dont think its montreal tryin to fight off the hard-cap idea..i think its hamilton, BC and edmonton.

they should really wake up or they will be the only teams in the league!

I was wondering why only 24,637 attended the Argos and Stamps game. Thanks for clearing this up. It makes sense because of the game being moved and also being on a Wednesday night. Still a good crowd though. The CFL numbers keep going up.

Big Dave I'm also one of those people die hard fans who followed the CFL during it's lowest period. I just kept telling people how great the game itself was. There were definitely co-workers and friends who joked about my loyalty to the CFL, but hey...they weren't watching the the games......just listening to the bad publicity. CFL FOREVER! :smiley:

Argos numbers arn't that bad, considering it was on a wednesday