This weekend, two "pretenders" will lose...

...the Riders and Bombers.

Can't wait to see Rider Nation barf when Joseph proves, once again, that he's not a playoff QB, and all of the ex-Ticats who "made the Riders into a force during the regular season" are absolutely invisible (or, in the case of Justin and Kornegay, burned).

Taman's Bombers will go down equally hard, because they will be exposed for who they are: an average team who only made the playofs because they were in a division with the lowly Ticats, and because (unlike Montreal and Toronto), they avoided major injury woes.

Nice... I hope Printers enjoys watching the game.

Enjoy playing your banjo after your Bombers or Riders lose, billyjimbo.

huh?? Once again?
When did Joseph last play in a playoff? The Renegades never made the playoffs - even with 7 wins in their final year.

I was just reading up on the Bomber site and the Stamps site.

Nice to hear from fans who have a team in the playoffs ....woe is me ...

A funny quote from the Stamps site.

They are experiencing very windy conditions this morning in Regina

someone wrote ;

There's a reason its windy in Regina, Alberta Blows and Manitoba S**ks! :cowboy:

Ha ha ....good one.

By the way Bombers win today and Riders kick butt big time . 8)

how is he NOT a playoff QB?
he's 1-1 in the playoffs....burris is 1-3

kerry joseph played his FIRST playoff game last season, knockin out the stamps ( in calgary )in RD 1, then lost to BC in the West finals.

Hmm, Bombers won.. Sask is winning.

Pretenders, eh?

wow, u were bang on :roll:

i hope u bet the mortgage on the games today, so u can be where u the streets.

Ouch! Today's gotta HURT for you buddy. I feel for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Joseph proved today he is the Most Valuable Player in the league.

Swing and a miss :wink:

Well, we can’t all ace the SportSelect ticket, but we can now see what the Cats lost in Brady and why Calvillo is a great QB…

Likewise, getting Holmes in return for allowing Sask to sign KJ wasn’t the best move, if you were planning on ditching Danny Mac, where Holmes loves to wear the Green and White (and plays with determination, when injured)

Kerry Joseph, the Western MVP nominee, is an interesting case, in that he said he wanted to win a Grey Cup, and volunteered to take a $125K pay cut in order that the team could attract/recruit better players in order to get him that ring…and he had a starting salary of $350K or so…

I wonder if Casey Printers is watching this?

Or are we stuck with a Kharhi Jones, who sat back and said “I’m injured”, and you owe me $600K a year while I rehab? (And then, of course, “retire” to a CBC paycheque!)

C’mon Casey, step up and take one for the team!


Funny how someone can watch football a whole season and not really understand why teams win or lose. I hope you decide to learn about character and heart instead of flash and style. The Riders and the Bombers are tough and they never quit, those are the qualities of winners.

BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!!!! Yes what ever you are sayng charlie brown!

Yes, Kerry Joseph has proven he's not a playoff - 3 wins 1 loss. The most dominant player in these playoffs, clearly the MVP in this league.

You were being sarcastic when you posted this right?

Yes Joseph looks like the real thing.

 Kudos to him....

Anyone else feel regrets for not posting pleas (!!!!) to grab Joseph in the dispirsal draft ,then take Fantuz in the CIS draft with our first overall pick ....

Instead we gave it to Edmonton and never went after Joseph.....which I agreed with ,but man was I wrong..... and not the only one .......

ticatsack: I didn't think anyone could put their foot in their mouth as far as you did. I think it's sticking out your butt. Why would you even think of saying such things when your team couldn't win a game if their life depended on it? I'm hoping Saskatchewan and the ex-Ticats enjoy winning the Cup this year. They deserve it after having to endure so many years with the Cats....
I'm a Ticat fan but I'm embarrassed for you and for the organization that let so many great players get away.

ticatsackattack must be Desjardins in disguise....couldn't make the right call if his life depended on it. Oh, the life of an armchair quarterback.