This week we'll see if O-Line and Lumsden are for real.

Winnipeg's stingy defense will be keying on Lumsden after last week's performance. If we have a solid ground attack despite the attention, it will be a good indicator as to the character and talent of our boys in the middle.

Hopefully we see more potency from Maas and the receivers as opposed to safe, FG (not TD) producing passing management. That'll be the difference between hanging in there and actually winning! (Assuming the defense continues to play well.)

More reason to use Corey and our new threat at reciever.

This is always a big challenge. Once you have a good game, the next team is always keyed up to knock you down to size. Let's see if they rise to the challenge.

if winnipeg keys on lumsden, it should give the tabbies passing game a chance to shine. throw a little holmes in for good measure.

The Cats have an outstanding backfield potentially with Lumsden, Holmes and Davis.
With a backfield like that they could probably run the wishbone and be effective.

The Cats need to incorporate all their weapons to be able to achieve paydirt

Yes and the other Korey out of the backfield on screen passes - this guys is a load.