This week apparently CFL Offences had a bye week

Boy when was the last time we went through an entire weekend of four CFL games and all teams combined did not even total 100 points?

94 points the total scored in four games by 8 teams - 11.75 points per team!


In the NFL that's great defense. In the CFL it's poor offense.

True but if you have a league built on the rep of high scoring wide open offenses and it's not happening than I can see why some would just watch NFL

Is it a matter of execution or just not trying to throw the ball deep this year.

Wally Buono's theory is that the extra two spots on the roster have had an immediate effect on the defences. If I remember correctly, I think one of the main things was that it allowed teams to rotate their D-Line a lot more. Fresh legs on the D-line for 60 minutes makes a big difference.

Another theory is that we're seeing a lot of young QBs right now. Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton. All young QBs.

Then of course injuries. Toronto has had a ton on offence. Hamilton their QB and O-Line. Lulay's been out for BC. Now Calgary and Saskatchewan have their QBs injured.

Probably a combination of all 3 and many other factors.

The CFL's rep of high-scoring, wide-open offence has been diminishing for several seasons. (IMO the main reason is the expansion of rosters, but that's been hashed out in several other threads.) And the NFL's rep of low-scoring, smash-mouth, run-based offence has been obliterated over the past decade, where high-powered, precision passing attacks have become the norm.

For the record, the average NFL game this season has just under 45 points scored (44.898). The average CFL game has just over 45 points scored (45.123).

You are likely right Pongetti.

PW13, good point about the NFL being higher scoring. Which has turned off a lot of the die hard purists fans

Considering that NFL ratings have never been higher, I don't know what evidence you have for that.

I apologize if i gave you the impression the ratings are down. Turned off meaning not happy.

Spend some time talking to NFL fans on their mb and they will say they dont like how the nfl is limiting the defence to promote the Offence

Actually no, this has been the year of the defence in the CFL.

I agree some of it is good defence - but there has been a lot of bad offence on display (much like there just was in the NFL Texans-Bills game I just watched). Poor throws, missed blocking assignments, dropped passes, bad penalties at key times. All those 'bad offence' things have seemed too happen more this year than any season I can think of.