This website is a disaster - - Jeff Porridge Massive Fail

We were promised the new commissioner was a social media guru who, among other things, was going to revitalize the CFL's online media presence. But other than a needless "rebranding" with new logo, the guy has done four-fifths of FA.

This new website is an absolute embarrassment. Amazingly, they've somehow found a way to make it WORSE than it was.

Many of the stat categories have disappeared.
All stats from previous years have disappeared.
All standings from previous years have disappeared.
Player game logs from previous years have disappeared.
All schedules from previous years have disappeared.
The schedule from last year has ZERO information other than boxscores.

It's one thing to have terrible "columnists" but it's inexcusable not to at least have basic statistics available. Where's Jeff Porridge hiding while this is unfolding? Is he still squirreled away trying to "learn the game"?

Hard to believe any commissioner could be worse than Don Crump, John Tory or Larry Smith but Porridge has been a complete joke thus far.

e-Camp coming up and still no Doping policy :lol:

That's what you get for hiring someone from the CBC.

Yeah, this is kind of annoying. We're coming up on three months and the website still hasn't added anything or fixed any of the issues. I keep having to use wayback machine to actually look up past years' info.

Perhaps a better approach would be to post these issues in the thread set up for that purpose?

EDIT: I copied your points (not the complaint about the commissioner) to the website thread.

I'm not looking to "report bugs" or "ask for new forum features" - - I'd be thrilled if the stats could return to the mediocre level of the previous site.

In all honesty, how many months should it take for a professional sports league to put a basic website together?

Porridge needs to inspire his web designers by giving them each one of those ridiculous HU-ST-LE shirts - - set a deadline for the site to be completed and if it's not met, they have to wear the shirts in public.

I assure you they're working on it. The website will be enhanced very soon. I did hear stats are for losers but we are all winners here! :thup:

the implementation of this new version of the website was rushed way too soon. They should have taken at least another 6 months for analysis, design, testing and debugging. Very amateur job

So why "go live" with a new website when it's obviously not functional?

Instead of embarassing yourself by rolling out a laughably amatureish site, just stick with the old one until this one has been properly set up.

Agree 100%.

Rush the website but sit around doing nothing about the drug policy and breaching of contracts.

It looks to me like this is still a beta test version. Getting better, but still not production quality yet. It probably should have been put up as an alternative for people to try out while continuing to provide the original. Then, after most of the bugs had been worked out, switch the URL to point to the new site, while still making the old site available for the pages not yet converted (e.g. stats, schedule history). I suppose the people in charge decided that, because it's the off-season, the fans would accept the transition, with its accompanying lack of content. In retrospect, they might be regretting that decision.

Don't know if this site is his responsibility, however overall Mr. Orridge has been a big disappointment as the new commish.

At least he's not going around proclaiming like the NBA commissioner does that there are no more teams in Canada for his league. That surely is a plus. :wink:

He couldn't show up at the BOG meeting and have Zilch to show after six months on the job.
Called covering your ...

Only good thing we’ve seen so far is how he handled Thorpe.

And how he handled the Braley monster and got Bell and LT as new owners of the Argos and ability work with the City or Toronto and council there. I believe he may have had a significant hand in this in my opinion starting before he was named commissioner. I have no proof of that, just my opinion.

Don't underestimate the potential of this for the future of the CFL. Orridge knew perhaps more than any other commish what is/was at stake here. Don't underestimate Mr. Orridge but I know some here don't quite understand this:

Argos’ future is first priority for new CFL commissioner: Editorial

[url=] ... orial.html[/url]

PENALTY! 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. The nerve, bring up a positive about the commish in this thread.

Agree with you Aerial. He's accomplished quite a bit in a short time. Most pro league commissioners aren't too popular for the most part anyway, comes with the territory.

Thanks Aqualung. You are one who realizes that Rome wasn't built in a day and working with a players association for a new commish is a task that I'm sure isn't easy. He will have to gain the respect of the PA first to delve heavily into issues like PEDs etc.

Why would Porridge be trying to put together the Argos deal before he was commissioner?

The deal was finalized May 19.

Porridge took over as commissioner on April 29.

The league announced him as the next commissioner on March 17.

This deal didn't suddenly come together over the course of a few weeks. Once they had an agreement in principle the Bell group would still need to review everything for due diligence.

But let's assume Porridge was the driving force behind the Argos sale and give him full credit for that. Aside from a ridiculous new logo and a failed new website, what else has Porridge been doing for the past year?

Attendance declined. Television ratings declined. Or is that not on Porridge?

One of the biggest problems with this site is a lack of moderators.