this time last year lions only had 24,000 sold for WF

this time last year lions only had 24,000 sold for WF

We are know at 33,000 as i heard yesturday on CKNW with rick daliwal , what a diffrence a year can make that is almost a diffrence of 10,000 more tickets sold. i gurantee if Sask come it will sell out.

I bet you we hit close to 40,000- 45,000 the day of the semi final between Calgary and Sask.

last year on Nov. 2 the ticket tally was 30,000 and remember last year the West Final was 6 days sooner

But what about the Canucks?? Won't they out draw the WDF???

lions game is 1:30 and the Canucks are at 5. I'm presonally going to both.

The fans at GM place... they... they "booed" the OrCanucks last game.:oops:

Then they... cheered when the visitors scored...:cry:

The bandwagon has a flat... go easy... eaaaaasy...

Sarcasm , boys and girls , sarcasm.

Chants of "GO LIONS GO" were heard at the canucks game on thursday. :smiley:

TM is showing only singles in the lower bowl for the WDF. We reached that point 7 days prior to the game last year - we're 1 week ahead of that pace now.

The far corners above the goal lines on Level 4, sec 36, 46, 9 and 19 are in WW - ZZ, the very highest rows under the cable anchors. The last time I saw people that high up was for the Rolling Stones. I hope they bring binoculars

You know what i find funny about your post DUPSDELL? Not even two months ago you were telling us that the media will be all about the canucks, and the Lions will lose in the suffle of things. Did you not mention that the lions will be lucky to have 30,000 for the western final? But now your telling us if Sask IS coming to town it would be a sellout..WOW WELCOME BACK ON THE BANGWAGON DUPSDELL.

meh lets push him back off :stuck_out_tongue:

but if we do that he might go to the Lionbackers forum and stay there for good...