This Thursday against Montreal in Winnipeg...

138! :smiley:

Season-opener is gonna be sweet!

Go Blueeeeeee! :thup:


Best thing too will be against the team he hates the most because i remember saying he hated them when he was doing the grey cup thing on The Score

My hopes are that Pikula will make a couple of field goals and send Westwood off to retirement. OOPS, forgot that he was given the chance to retire but as usual he even fudged that up. Now he will get fired. Smart move Troy! 17 years of Westwood = 17 years of NO GREY CUP. Coincidence???

''''Pikula looked nervous at first.....straightened things out....and all in all ....i believe we have found a punter....We tried hard to give the game to the Als in the fourth quarter.....but no takers....Calvillo once again did not look good...i think the Als. are in trouble.....Glenn started to revert to his ol' ...throw the game away.....but fortunately nailed Mont. with a couple of earlier passes......we have to learn how to put these guys'll come...good result.....and :roll: :roll: :rockin: Milt still awaits........

Just so u know, troy wasn't the ONLY player on the team for the last 17 years. That he has played on the team for that long should count for something. Perhaps he should retire, but I think the way he's been treated is wrong. Do you think they would have treated Chris Walby that way if he had a bad year??? Its shameful that all the blame is put on him for the lack of a Grey Cup for the last 17 years. This is a Winnipeg boy, I think everyone shoud be more supportive.

...Troy himself has said that football is a brutal business sometimes....he is taking it like a pro....and the Bombers should do nothing less than treat him like a professional.......we'll see....this ain't over... :wink:

Hey papa, remind your buddy to browse some of the older posts. There were a few calling for Troys head several times. I'm glad Pikula redeemed himself after that first miss. I still think he will be your kicker of the future. (or now as it seems)

I don't blame Calvillo tonight. The Montreal O-Line looked awful. I'll bet Okeke "Un-Retires" soon.

A couple of untimely picks by Glen, but overall I must admit he has looked pretty good this year.

....yeah ....i don't know sport.....first they want Troy run out of town cuz he wifs' a few....then they want to hold a coming home party for him in the next breath.... :roll: Pikula has the job....his to lose....right now it looks like he wants to disagree with you on Calvillo....besides not having the weapons he used to have....his play looks very tentative...unsure....that could be a combination of a lot of things....but if you look real close you can see a little of Damon Allen in him.....When the talent you once had starts to slip....ever so subtly results in the kind of play we're seeing from A.C.......granted if he had the 'o' line the Bombers have....(and we're missing an allstar..Obby Khan) probably Calvillo could turn things around.... but he's still not the same A.C..... :roll: just my take...Glenn had a good game...he just has to eliminate the lapses he had in the 4th qt.....he's coming on..... :rockin:

good game against als.32-23 victory. :thup: i was at the match and pikula played excellent. :smiley: hopefullt coach barry will release ol’ westwood now.

w.e if Milt didnt get his touchdown he said on CJOB it was his plan not to get it he was trying to drag it on so every game can be sold out and also next game he wanted to get it when his wife and kid are what a guy milt is :lol: