This thread is for Debbie Downers $ Negative Nelly’s to talk amongst themselves

I thought that maybe if some posters had a thread all to themselves to play off each other’s disgust and negativity towards some (maybe all) aspects of the Ticats, it would lessen all the needless arguing on a ton of other threads. Think of this as place where you can vent with the other 3 or 4 posters who can only post complaints. Feel free to bash (in no particular order) Coaches, players (especially Masoli) and Management in general.
This way we only need to follow one thread of glass half full fans.

Let the criticism begin!!

By the way, I’ll gladly take all the potshots you want and it’ll be easier for me to follow along?

There are a lot more than three or four posters that are not happy with the current state of this team. :o

In all fairness, ever since I started going on these forums in say the mid 2000s, ive never seen a season where our fan base wasnt whining about the team in some form or another calling for someones head

The War on Noticing Things has begun.

  1. Yep, we are all on official notice as of right now !! LOL ::slight_smile:

? We could have an 18-0 season and I bet we would still see a post pop up "Is 18-0 really good enough?"

  • "Well in all fairness we were only winning those games by 20+ points, in the playoffs our ineptness is really going to show and the wheels are going to come off."

Ticats win the grey cup:

-"well it took long enough, Scott Mitchell and Bob Young should resign, its pathetic that theyre satisified with how this season went"

Hmm... would that be around the 2050 time period?

Probably around the first time Johnny Manziel will have a good game :wink:

Does this forum have an ignore tab? If so can somebody tell me how to apply it?

Or just notice the present reality . 3-5 (9-9 for Jones) and sinking.

And what was the record of the last 2 champions? better than calgarys?

Argos looked pretty mediocre all last year but their rings still shine just as bright

But they didn't have gimmick offenses that were figured out at week 4 .

They also had good coaching.

No they had very mediocre offenses and just got hot in the playoffs.

Here we go. Let's settle for mediocrity and hope we get into the playoffs because then if all the stars align and we get lucky we just might be able to win the Grey Cup. Wouldn't you rather have a team that has a legitimate shot at winning the Grey Cup instead of pinning your hopes on luck?

I think there is a mistake in your signature. How can you possibly think Masoli is not as good as Mitchell or Reilly? :o

Of course I would and a June Jones coaching change wouldnt be a bad thing. But right now? Absolutely it would. How do we know Orlondo is even ready to be HC? Id rather not rush it. Look at how well it worked out with Calgary letting Dickenson sit and learn the process from the sidelines? By far the best HC in the CFL. How often does a mid season coaching change work? We would have to take several weeks if not the season to transition to Orlondos style, and unless we wipe out the staff it wouldnt be the coordinators of his choosing. How does this make it any better and ive us a good chance at winning a cup this year?

But that's still better than the offense we have. There's no hope in getting hot when every opponent knows what's coming and what to,do.

Ask Edmonton Montreal and Winnipeg how they like our offense when we're on. Seemed to have alot of trouble stopping in en route to the L column

I did ask. They said "I can't believe we lost to them. But at least we know what to do now."

They also,asked

"how come your QB coach is always sitting down during the game, never stands up, width a weird half smirk on his face " ?