This team's WRs are beyond horrible

With the latest deflected pass for an INT, maybe, just MAYBE, this season isn't Dane's fault.

Aside from Kiondre Smith, I would cut EVERY receiver on this team. They are simply non-competitive.

Papi sucks.
Timmeh sucks.
Dunbar sucks.
Ungerer sucks.

Who signed these pylons? Who thought a guy like Acklin was expendable?

The guy wearing the headset on the sidelines.


Ticats are top heavy in poor management who don’t recognize plate skill.

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Yes the drops suck, but the QB play also hasn't been good.

We don't need to bring any of these receivers back other than kiondre smith who should be at SB.. fully believe that literally any castoffs would be equal..

If it's Kiondre smith on that only real deep shot early on to Tim White it wouldve been a TD.

This is I believe the weakest receiving corps in the eastern conference.

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Dunbar doesn't suck. He has hands. Morton trying to throw him a 100 mile an hour fast ball. He's a victim of a terrible offensive system.


Well we lost Addison , Banks , Acklin , and Kalinic from last year's squad . Continuity and talent wins games . Addison and Banks were the "burners" on deep balls . Now that threat seems to be just Tim White . He needs some help .


We need a burner and we need a Fantuz.


I'll go you one better , not just the east but the weakest in the entire league bar none .

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Goes without saying, like when I tell my wife my local Tim Horton's is the busiest in "the world", and she says you can just say "Canada".

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Matching the team's record .... by %, worse than all other 8 teams.
Well, actually tied with EDM, but the Elks place 8th, in my opinion, having won the only meeting of the two teams.


Look who is leading the league in receptions and yardage

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Some nobody by the name of Acklin . I seem to recall that we had a player at one time here that went by that name . You don't suppose ?


Receptions: Tim White

Yardage: Acklin


There's one less TiCat WR today, as the club has announced the release of Mike Jones, who was brought back to Hamilton as an emergency starter for the Aug. 6th loss at Toronto, because of injuries (not the loss, rather his return , and has since spent 4 games on the P.R.


Does that mean they might be looking at a replacement?

I doubt it.

When will they be looking for a replacement for Lemar Durant and Papi White?


Probably 2023.
But I’d love to see what Jaylon Redd at the very least could do in place of Papi. Not sure he returned much at Oregon, but we’re not looking good there at the moment regardless. If they don’t go with Redd I’d prefer to have Ungerer returning kicks and/or at receiver over White.

Durant will stay because he was the free agent signing, and I think they’ll see if he can work himself at all into the offence. If his play doesn’t get more inspired I can’t imagine ever re- signing him.

Still waiting for Anthony Johnson to come back from injury. And maybe they need to give Tony Brown a shot as well.


Slightly overlooked factoid.

Tim White is on pace this season to have the 4th most receptions ever in a Ticat single season ahead of a couple guys named Flutie and Champion.

Just saying...