This teams offence didn't show-up

.....A game the Bombers had to win to stay in the running for a playoff and they were NOT prepared offensively...The defence deserves a better offence to work with than that ...This one was winnable but it looks like NEXT YEAR guys...That old familiar mantra :thdn: How can a team come out so flat offensively in a game of this magnitude....Pitiful...Jyles was junk for most of the game and the receivers were up to their old game of dropsie :thdn: Looks grim for any post season play...AND could somebody please tell me why the hell are we signing players if we aren't willing to play them...This stunk to high heaven :thdn:

Given the heart, desire, and intensity the Bombers showed last week, I was very surprised to see today's effort. . . looked like an entirely different team. Lobendahn and Suber were terrific on defence last week; today they were missing in action for the most part. Less said about that offence the better, and special teams were anything but.

...LaPolice has a lot to learn...but geez....some of those calls late in the game were horrid....You don't run up the gut with an unproven back to get two mandatory the guy on a slant or get him outside and give the guy a chance....Bad playcalling.. also I've seen a bad trait of the Bombers rear it's ugly head...that being a lack of leadership...Everyone is drifting looking at the next guy....Where the hell was Davis today....Ralph was almost invisible...Play somebody with some drive on offence , besides Reid, or call it a year...I really don't know whose offence or team for that matter is worse.....the leos,esks, or us....Anyway long till spring training camp???? :thdn:

Was wondering why they didn't go for 2 after the last touchdown. Make it and you're only down by 3, miss it and you're down by 5, but was being down by 4 any better than 5?

Training Camp begins NOW!!

Just another questionable decision on the growing list.

My most used phrase during the game:
"what the hell was that?"
Don't get discouraged, the Arblow's got lucky.If you guys can't do it, we'll beat the snot out of em' for you in our third meeting :cowboy:

Be my guest, but I think we’re hunting the crossover spot now. We belong in the West anyway…