This team needs ....................

Well I remember a wise man saying better is better once.

And CJ is certainly better. Although I'd only say Fantuz is better to Mathews at this point I hate to see Sink on the outside, seems like such a waste of his talents

Did you guys see the crushing chip block Ford put on A sasky DE? Put him on his Koester!

Ever think hes just trying to throw the other team off by letting it bounce ? how many kick/punt returns do you have in your career ?

I seem to recall Gizmo allowing the ball to bounce a few times to allow his blockers to set up.

Yes but the question was "This team needs.........." it would be nice to have Fantuz and Gable and Zach back but if the other guys are getting the job done it's not a "need" at this point.

They are due back though, Zack I believe isn't. so Maybe we have different opinions on what a team need is? the 2 in question are better and Having those 2 back would help the team. So in my opinion its a need.