This team needs ....................



Keep it down. Johnny is trying to sleep :expressionless: [/i]

All the more reason to BE LOUD!!!!!!! :rockin:

More players back from injury :thdn: :? time for the playoffs :smiley: (or last few games) :smiley:

......more fans that don't panic, question the coaching, give up, and quit on their team when the going gets tough (e.g. Collaros injury). Y'all make me sick!!!!

Bring the noise Simoni and the boys love it every time at Tim Horton's Field, the Cat fans certainly play a role in cheering on the home team and drowning out the play calls of the opposition QB's.

Big game tonight against Calgary, revenge is sweet especially with a home win in front of your fans. We came close last game in Calgary and a close one in the GC in Vancouver last year against the Stamps, now it's time to close the deal and make a statement that the 2015 Tiger-Cats are here to win and won't get pushed around!

Bring the Noise, Lots of Noise!


:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

....more cowbells?

This team needs guys that are not hot dogs! Are you listening speedy B fumble guts!

To hammer the Roughriders so bad it's ridiculous, beat them real good something like - 62-14 would do it!

This team needs LESS so called fair weather fans much like yer self who only seem to show up once in a blue moon on this forum and only show up to post negative CRAP and to bash the team. Don't fall out of yer arm chair there Buddy Boy :roll: :thdn: :thdn: :cowboy:

bobo8224 has 900 posts. That's a lot of blue moons.

I thought we were passed the bashing-other-Cats-fans phase that took over this forum a few weeks ago? There are so few CFL fans in Southern Ontario we really do need to stick together.

As for the hot-dogging - I was thinking the same thing when Banks jogged with the ball outstretched in one hand for what I recall was about 10 yds before reaching the end zone. I don't know that 'hot-dogging' had anything to do with the fumbles but I'd like to see Banks hold onto the ball with two hands to avoid the avoidable.

a few breaks, ALL 5 losses are by fewer than 7 points and 2 were lost on the last play of the game. Their record is 8-5, but probably more worthy of a 10 -3, the opposite could be said about Calgary, they're a good team, but not an 11-3 team.

Call me old fashioned but I dislike that guys taunt and celebrate touchdowns before they cross the goal line. Remember Chris, what's his name, when he had the ball knocked out of his hands a few years ago. I want players whose head is in the game all the time.

Well Speedy B can be a game breaker he often misjudges the punts letting them bounce unnecessarily and often gets himself in trouble.

Now help up out of this arm chair. LOL!

The best! -

Fewer stupid penalties.

While I was at the game and yesterday's PVR viewing I saw Cats DEs often lining up offside. Suprisingly few were called, but they were not a yard off the ball.

The O line needs to be much better in Montreal; Riders seemed in Mathews face far too often

As for Speedy; maybe letting the ball bounce sets the 5 yd zone more accurately. At least 1 team this year seemed to have fielded a piece of meat who's sole purpose was to tackle B and totally ignore the 5 yd zone. If the meat was ejected so what B got a max of 15 yds

They also need to quit letting the opposition back in the game. Even late in the 4th.

Better time management by the coaches late in the game

they need to get C J Gable back and Fantuz

Would that really make much of a difference? Tasker and Sinkfield are making a lot of clutch catches. Ford seems to be a good running back and doing everything that Gable can do.

Yes, I like Ford. However, I would take Fantuz over Aprile.