Wouldn't surprise me if they ended up in the Grey Cup.

This team in Saskatchewan right? they are doing well

Remember, it's usually the team that peaks at the END of the season that ends up in the Grey Cup.

Case in point: last year the Renegades started 3-0 then things fell apartfor them, and Toronto sucked at the beginning of last year, but won the Grey Cup after putting together a string of wins in the second half of the season and carried that momentum down to the last game.

You should expect the wheels to fall off any week now for Saskatchewan. I mean come on, this is the Roughriders we're talking about here!

Neelon played excellent, they didn't deserve to lose that game. Their defense fell asleep last 5 minutes.

What game did you watch?

Riders won't be able to beat teams like the Esks with those 5 yard passes. Greene has to throw down field.

The only thing the Riders have going for them is Holmes.

Toronto on the other hand looked real good. Credit to their O-line for giving Allen soooo much time.

I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen. And it did. We were just playing TOO good to win that game. Why the hell does our defense relax at the end of the game. Comebacks happen.

No excuse but the injuries hurt us here, no McCalla or Dominguez to start the game and O’Day left on the first play. Davis and Bailey got injured as well.

Great game by nealon. Controled the clock well. He deserved better. French needs to catch a few more throws to hime.

Horrible call on the last play of the game. A 10 yarder to Grant.

It still was a heck of a game!
But anyway, we got Hamilton next week. We should win that game. :smiley:

I finally cheer for the Riders and they disappoint me. Now I know how Riders' fans feel. Next week, Go Ticats Go. LOL

They feel exactly like the Detroit Lion fans do.

.............I know this isn't what you meant by the title of this string.........but.........the riders uniforms look pretty sharp..........there is a sheen to them that wasn't there in previous years, I'm not minding any of the new Reebok stuff after seeing some of it in action..........

from what i saw, the riders just threw 7-10 yard passes...if they try that with a team who can cover those plays good, then what are the rider's gonna do....the long throw wasnt working for them, and then all they got is the run

ARGOS won the game.........

The objective is to take what the defenSe gives you. When the Riders meet up with Edmonton that will mean going up top on y'all Haters.

what if the defense isnt giving anything, then you gotta make things for yourselves...

that's pretty difficult to do when your top wideout is not playing.

excuses, excuses.......there are plenty of play-makers in that receiving core

BAKER, was not playing for the ARGOS...................they missed him , but won any way...........................

ALLEN BRUCE , 2 TDS recieving...........PALMER, the winning TD!

Thurmon and Moore.
Grant is average
French drops too many.

There was nothing wrong with our passing game, it was great tonight. We took what the defense gave us and controlled the ball nicely. Our defense blew it at the end, that's what happened.

same thing happened to montreal last week, they played 3 quarters, but there's 4 to play.

We played 3 and 2/3. But yea, gotta finish it out once your up 12 like that