This team is...

PLAGUED by drops, penalties, and turnovers...

Argggg...very frustrating...

Did you hear LaPo on the post game interview ?

Guys super frustrated with the brain farts, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few guys told not to bother coming back after the bye.

I know coaches don't usually like the bye week but you gotta think Lapo is glad it's here after yet another injury in tonight's game (Fritz). Hopefully the guys who are expected back for the LDC will be ready to go.

I did…

I’m feeling for the guy. Some better execution at key times and this is a whole different season. The plays, and by extension, the games, are there for the taking…we just can’t take them for some reason.

Awful that 8 games in we still struggle with slow starts. Bowman’s lucky we’re pretty thin at receiver and that there are 1 or 2 guys in line for the chopping block ahead of him.

Kudos to Fred Reid and Brock Ralph…who IMO, played pretty well tonight

You're right about least this will be one week we don't lose anyone to's bordering on ridiculous now...

Yeah but don't kid yourself, the execution is a problem because of the guys trying to make it work.

If the oline doesn't block, which they didn't, if the receiver doesn't catch the ball, which they didn't, and if the QB doesn't put it where it's supposed to be, which they didn't, then the problem is the personnel.

Gotta change out a few parts if you want it to work.

.....Reid played great.....Nice to see Ralph make some nice grabs....Bowman on the other hand looks to be on the bubble...He did make a couple of nice grabs..AFTER he dropped two thrown right into his mitts .. Those kill ya...Our o line suffered some more injury...We need help there....Jyles DID NOT have a great game,,his inexperience shows...Joe Lobendahn is not playing up to snuff.... LaPo has to re-evaluate the linebackers....It'll be interesting to see who Mack and Lapolice have on the radar, cuz we're going nowhere with the holes we have in this line-up :wink:

Bowman has to be the most inconsistent receiver i've ever seen. Clearly he has the ability to get open, he just needs to use his hands every week instead of forgetting how to use them every third game.

Should be an interesting bye week in the 'Peg.

Jyles' problem is the same as Bowman's...hang on to the dang ball!

Bowman had a big smile all the way back to the hudle after he dropped that 2nd perfect pass. The guy needs to focus or get out...

I can't believe some of the posters at EP. :roll: Some people who were saying Kelly should have been given 2 seasons before being judged are calling for Mack and Lapo to be fired. So pathetic!

It is that.

...eating fried chicken on the sidelines.

Hopefully we can win the Banjo bowl and be 3-7 ! This team has no shot in SK !

Or anywhere else for that matter.

....this team is..injury riddled
......this team is... filled with rookies making rookie mistakes
.......this team is....a ship without a rudder....nobody stepping-up to show some real leadership..
........this team is...poorly coached on the defensive side of the ball
.........this team is ...dysfunctional in it's present form
..........this team is...headed for a permanent basement spot IF some radical changes aren't made :roll:

There is no excuse for the mental mistakes eg. penalties, dropped balls, poor tackling and lack of heart ! Laploice and his coaches have to clean this up or we will not win another game this year !

:o :o Papa, you're the last person I'd expect to hit rock bottom in terms of staying positive about the team.

I don't think Winnipeg is dysfunctional at all. I think injuries and rookie coaching mistakes have wreaked havoc on the team's ability to play fourth quarters of football every week. If Bowman and Edwards had caught those footballs last time, we might have been talking about Winnipeg's amazing comeback win that broke the Molson Stadium streak instead of another loss.

You guys haven't been getting the bounces lately. Eventually, things will break your way. Winning in Sask is difficult, but the Banjo Bowl is well within the team's grasp. The Riders have had problems on defense this year which Jyles & co. can hopefully exploit.

.....well i'm glad someone has squeezed some positives out of this year, even though you are an Als. fan...I did mention injuries , rookies and the coaching :wink: The thing is it seems to go this way every year and i would say a few fans patience has worn very thin once again....I know this is a rebuild but in that process you have to start with solid groundwork and that is coaching and to a large degree recruiting...I think we have a long way to go in both areas...At this rate the esks. leos and argos will have another Cup before we get out of the basement . Not a great picture for a team wanting to fill a new stadium in a couple of seasons...This team HAS to get much better and Fast . There's still lots of season left for some positive changes...I hope it's starts after the bye-week.. :wink:

this team is... going in the right direction and all we need to do is have some damn patience. Seriously, what i find funniest or maybe like blue blood said most pathetic about certain fans posts online is that.. alot of these people who are posting the bs stuff really never gave us a chance in he DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS... against montreal. They all assumed montreal was going to beat us and bad.. what happens? mtl beats us. badly? not really.. the d played ok, pretty tough when the offense turns the ball over 3 times. pretty tough when players cant catch the ball and grin like the chesire cat afterwards (adarius bowman, im looking at you and ps: adarius.. NO CHANCE THE NFL EVEN TAKES A LOOK AT YOU, U CANT CATCH)

but... whats most pathetic is the names ppl are throwing out there, it seems alot of fans want to go the taman route and bring in guys who are welll past their primes (dominguez, flick, armstrong to name a few, say keith stokes mentioned even)

well, our problems this year in a way are directly or indirectly related to what this team has done in the past.. what do we lack? canadian depth.. why? probably cuz taman and kelly traded a few ( ya more than a few ) of our draft picks. u cant just go find canadians off the street, it doesnt work like that, u gotta draft and develop them, something we only have started to do i dunno... THIS YEAR REALLY.

maybe peoplles expectations were too high or something but... it gets really annoying when fans start saying the same crap after every loss, its cool to discuss and make suggestions on how to improve but this fantasy gm crap that most of these drunken morons at or or the facebook page play... needs to end. Have some patience. U cant fix what took 3 years to destroy in one season.. plagued by injuries (both fritz and watson injured last night too )

PATIENCE ppl.. things will turn around. if all ppl want to do is crap on the team, maaan... they werent really a fan to begin with. said it last night and the ppl i was watching the game with agreed.. I DONT CARE IF THEY ARE 2-6 5-12... 0-18 (ok that would suck) but i dont care, ill always cheer and beleive in my team. i suggest more ppl do the same.