This team is for real!!

...and I love it!

Yeah, that was a heartbreaker today. Durant played well...but if we hadn't botched the coverage on the Dressler run, we would've had the 2 points.

Regardless. All I dreamed for this season was a competitive team. And this is more than a competitive team...its damn exciting football!!

Lumsden and Smith were awesome., so, but he can make a lot of stuff happen -- and he has a rocket of an arm.

Loved how Ivor Wynne was just rocking for the defence!! Can't say enough about how much happier I am after these games.

See ya all next game!!!

It is. It is the best 1-2 team in professional football. :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seriously, it is a case of developing the consistency to fight back against adversity and keep games competitive. Today, the team just ran out of time, to be succinct.

Effort isn't enough. You need the mix of playmaking ability, desire, discipline, and opportunism to win in professional football. We need to find another playmaker or two on both sides of the ball to be consistently dangerous game to game. That does take time unless a guy lands from a drop by the scouting stork or waiver fairy. LOL

My hope is that Cohen and/or Mitchell can become those big-play additions offensively with time. Bradley and Knowlton are similarly full of potential IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

My guess Russ, that gamebreaker you speak of will come in the way of Simon (Geroy), is he not a UFA end of this year?
I’m sure the Cats will have a peek. I think this year is the stage setting for a Cup run next year!

Simon says...he still is as far as I know! LOL Unless I am wrong, he will be a free agent in the offseason.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought it was over in 3rd when the Ti-cats weren't closing the lead, but just kept pace. To see them come out with a lead shows the team I think has turned it around.

Look for a 10 win season if the Tabbies can be strong against the eastern opponents.

Reminds me of the '00 Riders, didn't win much but finally had entertaining games to see (I think Hamilton will fair much better than the '00 Riders. Just need some receivers that don't have stone-hands (and they just might this year)

I really didn't see many "stone hands" out ther tonight, Bauman caught EVERYTHING that came his way and receivers laid out to make grabs, I think it was mental defensive lapses that actually cost the Cats this game. Sure some passes were dropped but the Printers missles can be elusive at times!

That's why I said you might just have it this year. Only a couple arguably inexcusable drops today. From an outsider perspective, seasons past there's be near a dozen per game.

That and COSTLY COSTLY penalties and turnovers.