This team is for real

After watching the improvments the last two games it has me believing that these Cats are the real deal. I think if we play both Maas and Chang it would help our offence tremendously. Chang is a threat with all the short and long passes. Maas is not a legitimate threat to get the ball deep.
The D is really coming together and are playing real physical. When Cody gets back, that'll be another plus.

If only we could 'one' with ALL these improvements!

We should have won that game last night.
If not for a couple questionable calls late in the fourth it very well could have been a different outcome.
Oh yeah I forgot, the D was tiring late in the fourth and I wouldn't doubt that was because of the time difference. You don't have time for the adjustment so ineffect it was 1:15am for these guys.

after reading all these posts in the last couple of days, there is one common thread-IF!. IF IF IF...
if they didn't take so many penalties,if the receivers came back to the ball,if the o-line could just hold their blocks for 9 more seconds, if chang played last night. you get the point. one last IF-if
your aunt had balls , she'd be your uncle. it still hasn't come together. i'd really like to see it happen but as i said all those stupid penalties is the difference between a 4-0 team and an 0-4 team.
they're not giving themselves a fair shot by being undisciplined.i don't see an end to it in you?


i think that scuffle on the sidelines shows that at least some of the players are trying to straighten out the penalty problem. glad to finally see someone step up and hold the players taking the penalties accountable.

how are we the real deal we scored one touchdown last night?

We are definately tough to play IN SPITE of the obvious offensive shortcommings

If someone named 'argoconvert' starts giving us unchallenged advice on our team's web site of any kind, then we are in a lot more trouble than our perennial lousy football team!!!

Go! Cats! Go! Oskiweewee Forever!

Oh yea and Argos S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0-4....doesnt matter how good the loss looked, or IF something different coulda/shoulda/woulda didnt. They lost. Again.
There's no gray area. You either win or lose. I understand how most of you have to find something positive to hold onto, but i wonder what the comments will be like in November when the season ends with no playoffs and another abismal record.

Anytime someone claims that there is anything that has no grey area, they are making an indefensible claim. Everything has grey areas.

On the flip side, 0-4 doesn't matter when you make the playoffs. This team is getting better. Enough to make the playoff? Doubtful, but, they are getting better. The point being, The fact that they are getting better is relevant to the play later in the season, (ie, the playoffs).


Maybe I'm more of a optomist than some others.
I can see the O-line playing much better. We got five guys who have never played together. The BC game was Dyakowskis first as a starter. This guy wasn't even in training camp with the team. Our O-line dominated a very solid BC defensive front.
On the D-line the guys are all basically new except for Collier, who, by the way, has just returned from a injury. With Nautyn Mckay back, the front four played so much stronger the other night. These guys are improving every game, at a very fast pace.
I think that was the hardest hitting Ticat team that I've seen for quite some time.
We have a couple highly touted receivers who'll be ready to play soon. We'll probably need one of them if Ty Anderson doesn't step his game up.
My only reservation right now is Jason Maas's inability to get the ball downfield with authority. In this league, this requirment is paramount.
I'm hoping this will change, but I have my doubts. I don't think he's going to regain his strength from his injury.
The special team coverage is better than any Ticat team we've had recently. Plus our kicking game is much better with Setta.
Also, we have a coach who has been successful everywhere he has been.

that's my two cents worth :cowboy:

oh really? well aside from a tie (which should never happen) explain to me the gray area when it comes to winning and losing. Cuz if i look at the standings, i dont see a category for 'Team Improved from last week'.
Pretty sure its Wins and Losses.

Bang on, co-legend, keep on posting!

These Alice In Wonderland Fans will never understand until we go 0-18 and, then, most of them will disappear like rats on a sinking ship!

Looks like wwe now have...

Mama Negative
Papa Negative.. and itty bitty Baby Negative, quite the charming family they make

And only Half the Distance which has been the sad sad epilogue of the Ticats over the past five years!

You know I keep hearig about balls downfield that have no authority and I dont know about the rest of you but I see balls on target that our guys just dont fight enough for .

A pass in the end zone to Gardner, on target but with tight coverage . These are the type of passes that we need to get more often . You wouldnt expect it to be caught every time but we seldom seem the get them . Other Qbs in the CFL get these breaks and thats` why they have the nice stats at the end of the season .

Gardner is downfield, again in tight coverage and he waves at the ball rather than fight and knock the ball down to avoid the INT. After the long pass Maas throws to him the game before for a TD doesnt he owe it to Jason to help him out when he needs him ???? It`s a team game and when someone has an itch somebody has to step up and scratch it for him !!!!

I see the lack of fight but I also see that the fight is unnessasary most of the time if the pass was on target

Argo , if you taped the game you would see the ball WERE ON TARGET . I dont get the nagativity as far as Maas and his balls downfield ???

I watched it. I'd tend to disagree with your assessment of Maas' accuracy overall. Notice the part where I said MOST OF THE TIME. a single instance is hardly indicative of what normal is