'This team can find a way': Rourke bounces back as Lions overcome turnovers

OTTAWA — Quarterback Nathan Rourke led the way once again in the BC Lions’ Week 4 victory over the Ottawa REDBLACKS, but the Canadian had to overcome one of his toughest tests yet to get the job done.

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The opening game of Week 4 had the red hot B.C Lions on the road versus Ottawa. The Lions dominated this game from start to finish. The Redblacks had a brief lead of 6 points in the third quarter. Nathan Rourke answered the call on the "next drive" Good teams are able to hold a lead, the Redblacks and Coach Lapo needs some major improvement. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


A different kind of win, but a win none the less. Overcoming mistakes & coming from behind show us this team is a true contender now. It's looking like we have 4 strong teams in the West so I'm expecting a crossover this year unless the East can get their act together, & even then it might not be enough. The Lions are still flying high but a little closer to earth now. My grin has relaxed a little, that's a good thing, my jaw was really beginning to ache.


It might not happen with the East teams playing each other 4 times. If the schedule wasn't so division heavy, I would guarantee it.

It seems the only way the East will get points this year is to play each other. Only 2 points out of a possible 18 stolen from the West so far. Ouch.

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Agreed. LaPo has made some really head scratching decisions over the 1st few games. BC looks good.

The one problem I had with the rankings last week was BC being behind Winnipeg. Look, 2021 is over. Rankings shouldn't be tilted in favour of what happened last year. Now that BC has played Ottawa & put up 509 yds offence you can compare that to how Winnipeg fared vs Ottawa. Averaged 433 yds offence vs BC's 253. Masoli managed 162 yds passing vs 721 over 2 games vs the Bombers. THIS year, AT THIS POINT, BC is clearly the top team in the league. Good for them & Rourke. No offence to the Bombers but, let's get real. Nobody is doing what the Lions are doing a the moment. :sunglasses::paw_prints:

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Oops. :smiley:Should read 433 yds offence ALLOWED vs 253.

That's what's happening. He lost one game due to poor clock management... this game was probably lost due to undisciplined penalties and odd play selections (it didn't help that Masoli completed only 50% of his passes):


You won’t be surprised to learn that I disagree with you.

For starters, Winnipeg has been in first place 17 weeks in a row and hasn’t lost a meaningful game since week 3 last year. I know we aren’t basing rankings on the past entirely but certainly that forms part of the conversation. Conversely we aren’t using a Ouija Board to decide the rankings based on spirits and gut feelings. When in doubt, I go with the oddsmakers. They always know best. I said I wouldn’t pick Edmonton to win until they actually win, which they have now done and which puts them in the mix and incidentally almost certainly puts Hamilton in the #9 slot. Who would’ve thunk it? Similarly, barring something game changing like an injury to Collaros, Winnipeg is and must be favoured until they lose a game, which could happen as early as Monday. They have earned it and the oddsmakers agree.

You also make a lot of noise about meaningless yards and how Winnipeg’s offense hasn’t been at the level of BC’s offence. True, but I think the conventional wisdom is that defence wins championships. You can hang all the “yards given up” banners on the wall you like, but the fact is that Winnipeg gave up 29 points to Ottawa in two games and BC gave up 31 in one game. Plus it is still virtually impossible to score against Winnipeg in the second half. And they just know how to win baby!

There is no doubt that being ranked #1 last week was the only logical ranking and those that earn their living being right about that agree. Besides, Winnipeg was 3-0 and BC was only 2-0 when the rankings were made, another reason to favour Winnipeg. We shouldn’t be counting unhatched chickens when ranking teams.

There is simply no factual basis at this time to rank BC over Winnipeg. That could change this week or next week and no doubt will change several times over the course of the year. Last week, however, there was no other possible ranking for Winnipeg but #1, even if you don’t give them any style points.

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  1. What have the 14 wins in 2021 got to do with this year? Uh, nothing. That's so last year. Last 2 teams to win 2 in a row, the Als of 2009-10 & Argos of 1996-97 never made it to the GC game the following year.

  2. You don't want to discuss stats but want to throw your own stats in "pts" out there. OK, BC is winning games by an average of 45-16, Winnipeg an average of 21-13. Not much difference in defensive pts allowed but not even close in offense.

  3. You agree with placing some teams, other than the Bombers of course, lower with less wins than those above them & vice versa. Wins is not the only criteria. By your logic BC would not have been ranked above the 3-0 Stamps. So much for logic.

Anyway, sorry to offend. I knew you'd respond. Enjoy the rating while you can. But, should Winnipeg beat Toronto & BC ends up ranked 1st by the experts which could happen despite what you believe, don't look at me. I believe if Bombers win they will still give the Bombers 1st & let it be settled in Vancouver next week. But not necessarily.


Clearly the Bombers will remain #1 and should until they lose. If they lose this week BC will be ranked #1 going into the big game. Otherwise the winner of their head to head will be #1. The Bombers will of course lose games and I doubt will be ranked #1 all year, but they are undefeated and the champions, so no one else can be #1 until someone takes that belt away. It can’t be wished for or mentally projected. It actually has to occur. And it will. Just not yet…

C’mon, they won their last nine last year ( not counting their two late season exhibition games), two in the playoffs and all three this year. That is a 14 game win streak. BC has won three in a row and struggled against their only common opponent, Ottawa ( and Winnipeg struggled the first game against Ottawa ). And all those wins count and should be considered. BC also hasn’t faced a great defence yet.

Jon, we're talking about 2022 rankings - only 4 games played in 2022 that they should be based upon. 14 game win streak is fine but irrelevant. I don't see 28 points in the 2022 standings for the Bombers. IMO BC has played better. Full stop. We can disagree on this but I'm not basing rankings on what Winnipeg did in 2021 or 2019, even if they won 32 games back then. l'm just not that high on the Bombers going into the season &, early on, the "weaknesses" I have commented upon are there. Can they overcome them as the season progresses? We'll see. There's a lot of teams still finding their way. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I'll take my lumps. :sunglasses: