This sucks!!!!!

what the hell are we doing? run Jesse he is better than caully so friggen use him, Charlie seriously you are the absolute worst head coach we have ever had and that I have ever seen you obviously cant motivate a team or run one instead of having everyone call for your head you should do the right thing and step down and accept the fact that you suck. I am done i am not going to anymore games until we make an effort to get better and by that i mean fire our friggen coach and use the best talent on our team in Jesse. I spend to much money on this team and care too much and i am tired of being so dissapointed week after week because of this bafoon we have behind the bench.

ok i am done my rant but i still dont feel much better.

I think a lot of people are with you on this one, lots of empty seats at the game and there will be even more next week.

Anyone else getting tired of TSN saying "there is still tons of season left, you never know".

Things ought to get better come November 2. LMAO It just may take a while to find a head coach capable of running a legitimate "rebuilding/reloading" effort where the players can buy into a discernible system in every phase of the game and DEVELOP themselves by consistent evolution and observable leadership. There is talent on this roster, but things need to be addressed on O-line, receiver, and D-line. That said, WTF are we doing from week to week, game to game?

5-23 into a WTF session is not a recipe except a BURNT CAKE WITH ICING (to use a Meanstreak analogy). Betty Crocker could coach this team better than Mr. Morgantown -- at least something would rise other than my frickin blood pressure watching this nonsense.

Oski Wee Wee,

Could not agree more. It's time for Obie to step up and do something before Ivor Wynne is completely empty.

I'm sorry to say but I had to turn over at halftime. I just couldn't take it anymore. It's to the point I've thought about packing up all my Ticat paraphernalia and mailing it back to the team.

I really feel for you guys as a rider prider we went thru the predictable play calls from marcel belfumble for way to long.I think he is alot to blame for your offence debacles the man is a disgrace and I think if I was obie I would start their.As for your defence today they played flat they looked confused whats up with that last week I really thought your whole team played with a lotta heart and nearly swept your TO/AG series,and this week they thought they farted and shite themselves.
go riders

Well I got my wish but now belefool is the HC, hopefully he can at least get the team fired up to play.