This Subforum Seems Kinda Dead

I don’t know about the other sub forums, but maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of this one and instead just link directly to Lionbackers as that site seems to have the most activity among Lions fans. Not that there is anything wrong with this site, but it’s just sad that there’s hardly any activity on here. Maybe it will pick up after the season starts, but I can’t recall this forum ever being that active.

Anyway, just an idea of mine to try to improve things (kinda like how certain prey fluff themselves up to make them appear bigger to predators than they actually are). It’s just to me some of these sub forums seem contrived or forced while where the supporter groups reside seem more spontaneous.

If anything MLS has showed the CFL how supporter groups can be integral to the experience.

just wondering, would you like to buy a vowel? :slight_smile:


Having the Lionbackers as the sub forum is a great idea. Would drive WAY more traffic to the site and give that great supporter group a larger profile and most likely a more members.

So of course with that being said, I’m sure nothing will come of it and we’ll continue to see tumbleweeds in this subforum cause we wouldn’t want to market the team or the league. Let’s just do the 47th “rebrand? of the league logo instead.


Maybe the calm before the storm but pretty quiet on the western front to say the least.

Sounds like Jon Jennings will have to pay Ed Hervey to play in BC this year so strike him from the list.

Could see John White ending up a Lion to go with one of the UFA’s . My bet would be on Sutton being brought back. BC fans might like White if he can stay healthy. Still only 27 I believe.

This subforum is deader than the upperdeck at Lions games…

Speaking of forums the new forums over at are awesome.

Why can’t we get something as good as that?

Is that too much to ask? ??? ??? ???

How about feeding that forum into this one? I think that makes much more sense. Other sites seem to do this and would make this subforum at least, much more meaningful.

it’ll pick up …

you get seafiddle now.

he started with the cats, then the als, now onto the lions.

he’s making the rounds like a CFL QB.

LOL. Did he say that?

he sure did.

enjoy. :slight_smile:

Well he’ll be here all by himself!

You’re right! This is a pretty lonely place. How come the Lions’ fans are so absent? They have a lot to be excited about. I have only been to one CFL game and that was at BC Place Lions against the TiCats last year. It was one of the most entertaining football games I have ever attended. I will say the attendance was not impressive.

The Lions surprised a lot of people at the end of last season. Looks like they are positioning themselves to be a contender this year. I might make it up for another game this season. It’s a 5 hour drive north for me but coming in on the train is not bad if you’re going to a game. I like the venue and I like Vancouver, BC.

Funny thing when I crossed the Border; the border agent asked me why I was visiting Canada. I told him I was coming to watch the Lions play. He looked surprised and said “You really watch the CFL?” I said yeah. He acted like he didn’t believe me. Interesting… I know we get a lot of Canadians that come down to our Seahawk games. Too bad that the CFL is struggling to even get Canadians to attend. It is kind of scary when you are being outdrawn by MLS.

Others could probably answer that better than me.

Living in the Okanagan I used to go to one game a year, but stopped after Braley decided to sell the team.

Suffice to say I’m still waiting…

I’ve heard they’ve decided to put more money into marketing this year so that’s a good sign. I’m okay with Braley continuing to own and pay the bills for the team as long as he puts someone in charge who is allowed to do what he wants to do to revitalize the franchise.

Good pickup with Sergio Castillo. He should do well kicking in the dome.

No Ty Long but he is accurate. 50+ gets iffy as for most. Being good on converts will make up for it.

Hoping I am not getting confused by a Global from the LFA.

Bio says he has done it before. Only 23. One of June Jones water bugs that got away some how.

Hervey knew what he had before letting Rainey go.

Whether he plays or not he has excellent value in that Sask would trade their left nut for him in a heartbeat.

Not sure how the defence plays but I expect big passing numbers from Reilly in game one going against the Winnipeg secondary. Fantasy tip of week one for you.

Predicting 350+ yds passing in game one.

That would be nice. What are you basing it on, our strengths (offense) or their weakness? Their D seems pretty solid to me.

Winnipeg secondary is very suspect at this time imo. Rookie corners and Jeff Hecht at safety will be something Reilly will look to take advantage of.

BC air show will want to come out strong as well for the home opener. Can see both Burnham and Carter going over 100 yds.

Not saying the Lions win but will be surprised if their O doesn’t play well. 30 pts is not out of the question.