This stinks!

I am not talking about the team. I think they are a good team and are much better than what was on the field the past few years. What I think that really stinks is that people on this board always put down a player because this guy can't pass or this guy can't catch. Or they say that we should play these guy or that guy.

Give it up already! A player may miss a few or the throw may be off. If they were asways perfect, and every pass was perfect and every thorw was caught, then the TiCats should always have a record of 18-0 each and every year. But they do not and no other team in the league can boast of an 18-0 season.

If you can sit on your couch watching the game on TV and critisize these players, then why don't you suit up and go out there and try it yourself. For the people that critisize lets see you do better? Oh wait, it takes too much effort to get up off the couch.


I agree with you things get very negative on the rider forum too I have even been guilty a few times Ti-cats look very good this year and i have no doubt they will see a home playoff game

Its just the way it goes man, no one has complained the past couple weeks because they ticats have been consistantly good, they have a bad game and make a few mistakes and people want to see players cut and bullish like that. Porter is still the starter and we WILL make playoffs, nuff said.

The reason we can't complain about people complaining is complaints draw more readers to these forums than compliments do.

Or, to the tune of "how much wood would a woodchuck chuck":

How many coherent complaints could one complainer compose if complainers could compose coherent complaints? Complainers would compose as many complaints as a complainers could if complainers could compose coherent complaints!


My head hurts!!./

you spelt always wrong lol

How is it a complaint when it is the truth?

For example, Chris Davis has dropped 2 passes in the last 2 weeks where he has been WIDE open and has dropped the ball. Both were at a time when we were moving the ball and a simple catch would have extended the drive. Both times they were drive killers and in the SSK game, we had to punt. Who knows the outcome if we had kept the ball.

I don't see a problem with saying that a guy had a bad game. The coaching staff will be pointing it out in film study so why can't we do it on here? You know that if that guy doesn't shape up, he'll be sitting down on the bench.

We expect the best out of our team and players. Unfortunatley the last 4 years have been bad. We have complained mercilessly to no end when we couldn't put points up on the board or win for that matter.

What we want is to improve the team that we have now. We are winning. We have won 4 games this year!!!! 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We have a solid base and after a few more changes we are going to be a great team.

We are complaining because we want a better team but please don't mix complaining up with the truth. Unfortunately sometimes the truth hurts.

what do you want a love-in session on the board, be pretty boring and unrealistic, play well and with heart and you will have no problems

I wasnt sure how good/bad the cats were this year,when they beat winnipeg and b.c because both those teams didnt play very good,but when we beat edmonton i got a little more confident,and i thought if we could beat ssk then we were golden but now im not sure again lol,if we cream the eskimoes next week then i think we will be a bonafide contender.

Is that a complaint Robert. :smiley:

Please say this ten times fast. LOL

I agree but if you were to make that many mistakes would you still have a job and what would your coworkers be saying about you??? Never thought about that did you???

There are a lot of players to compliment as well. Bruce! Fantastic. If the Cats can regain the ground, Glen seems to have found big play range with the new receiver. Thanks Bart!