This stinking team is INCAPABLE of holding a lead....

Every game they have the lead. Every game they piss it away in the second half.

Calvillo and the offense becomes as predictable as sunrise in the 2nd half. Trestman is garbage. Time to get a real coach.

They certainly look like they are going to lose again tonight.

I don't if the Als coach has been watching any CFl games but almost every game has gone done to the last minute. This moron is 3 down with one yard to go on around their own 50 and he kicks away. This allows BC to get a few first downs and win the game. He should go back to the NFL or whenever he came from.

And had he tried and failed you would complain about that

I don't think Trestman is the problem. I think our defense has a lot of problems. They can't play four quarters of good football, they're useless in short-yardage situations (too small to stop big running backs), and Burke's schemes aren't effective.

The other big problem is special teams. Squires has to be fired. Seriously, has there been a single game thus far where special teams have done well? Either we're making bone-headed decisions that cost us field position or we're giving up back-breaking touchdowns that get the other team right back in the game. Squires sucks, his schemes are no good, and we are not generating any yardage on kick returns.

To tell you the truth....Im more worried with second and long(10-15) than I am with second and short

I wasn't really talking about second and short, more like third and 2 or goal-line stands. We get flattened when the other team brings in the twin tight ends and the rest of the big boys because both our D-line and our linebackers are undersized. The Lions gambled on third and 2 early in the game and Joe Smith steamrolled T.J. Hill en route to the first down.

I do agree that watching other teams convert 2nd and long easily is frustrating. Our zone coverage is pretty poor.

Last year, we had good D, no offense. This year, we have good offense, no D, and terrible special teams too. Thank you, Jim Popp, for alienating Chris Jones and Noel Thorpe, for not bringing in help where we needed it (D-line), and for making sure that not one of Trestman's assistants has any prior CFL experience as a coordinator.

...haha, I thought the title of this thread was about MY team!!!....I feel for you guys, we are there too...

I like what coach Trestman has done to this team. He is a good coach, otherwise we'd be in Winnipeg's place right now.

The coach does his preparations, it's up to the players to play the game.

Our Defensive scheme is a problem. With the players we have on Defense, we should be dominating. The DBs always play a zone coverage, which allows the receives to make easy catches, because they run short patterns under the coverage. Whenever the receiver catches it, the Defender is about 7 yards back in his coverage.

Our run defense is strong, the pass rush gets there, but doesn't make sacks.

I think the coverage is the problem.

I was just thinking what a team we'd have with Trestman as head coach, and Jones as Defensive coordinator.

You and me both, Ryooon. :slight_smile:

I've said it before: I would have hired Jones as head coach and Trestman as O.C. That way, Trestman could still have run our great new offense effectively, but we'd have a head coach with lots of CFL experience who could also have been heavily involved on the defensive side of the ball. Right now, our defense has the same problem our offense had last year: a questionable coordinator scheming poorly but lacking a manager to act as quality control. Popp didn't have the expertise to effectively critique Bellefeuille; Trestman doesn't have the CFL experience or the defensive background to effectively critique Burke.

I don't think Marc Trestman would of came here if it wasn't a head coaching job.

It's too bad though.

dont worry, the als will be back to their winning ways next week.

trade you for trestmann

i ll give you charlie taafe, casey printers and a 24 pack of steelcase beer. ... oh yah and ill through in a years pass to the Hamilton Mountain alpine lift.... (what? we dont have one? what do you mean? no lift? or no mountain?)
or tragically... the way the Ticat season is unfolding.. no team