This Sites Gett'n Borin'

who agree's... theres no updates on anything.. no videos have bin put up.. no articles that are keeping us up to date.. im flat out bored right now... is it because the cats dont have anything to say... or is it just everyone is in a down mood and would rather just get the season over with already.. anyways! im bored. nothing to read or look at anymore! i need headlines lol

i need cheerleader updates...........

Bored "Blitz" ?'s a project for you....

Tell us what the heck kind of animal/mascot this is supposed to be?.... :lol: has never been better.

still sucks compared to and though

Funny you mention that. I have been feeling that way about the entire internet lately.

The constant, "we need to fire Marshall" from SOME PEOPLE is very boring.

Hey Guys:

If I was bored, I'd take a hike!

Feel free to leave this site and go elsewhere.

Your caustic comments won't be missed by most of us.

Head down to Barton and Sherman...

about now ,you won't be bored ,big street party for Italia!

this site is getting pretty boring tho blitz i gatta agree. there arent any new pictures they are all from last year and there isnt that many. how hard could it be to put in a bunch of pictures there tons of camera men at the games. the video section hasnt been updated for a wile too, i guess we gave up with game highlights. and i know we have a bunch but i still want more backgrounds.

and by the way beamreach i was down at james street today crazy partying. people dancing in the streets on top of cars wit music everywhere.

mikey thats a pigtigerdogunicorn! u never heard of one? and no kidding makaveli the spectator has moreupdated pics in there asrticles then this website

The mods here have been editing my Ken Peters posts and therefore not making it fun to post about Ken Peters anymore.

You can post all you like about Ken Peters - as long as you don't use inappropriate language and don't make it a personal attack... but you can say what you want about his work and how it reflects on him and his paper.

thats a pirager hawk...part pig, rat, tiger, hawk, I saw one once in another land :lol:

Saying you saw one in another land is certainly a relief......whew!

I was thinking that it was a breeding experiment 'gone awry' know, Stripes, T.C, some pigeons and maybe a local stadium raccoon.......nawwwww, couldn't be... :smiley:

The site was better before it got blended into the CFL master site. The "Xs&Os" section was great as the "Off Topic" for things like, oh I don't know, World Cup discussions?

What I don't miss is the Brady bunch whinning about DMac though. It's great to see Marcus is having success on the Renegade practice roster. Perhaps these guys morphed into the "Fire Marshall" brigade.

Go to and look under "Depth Chart." :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

My bad. I wonder if the Al's site is having AC versus Brady flame wars?

No, it's "who should carry the clipboard: Greene or Brady?" :slight_smile:

When a team wins, the threads are more enjoyable that way. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,