This site sucks

Period. Get the kinks worked out already.

U get the kinks out already…if you dont like it then leave, we dont need u here.

Alright, two eskimo fans bashing each other…is it christmas time in Calgary already!!!

LOL…what would be funnier is to see the Stamps actually beat the Eskimoes this year!

and while its christmas y dont u ask for a night with Carmen Electra and 1, 000, 000 dollars.

I have to agree that this site is not very user friendly and is very slow. I love the forum but that is because of the people and despite the difficulty that people are having getting onto it. If this is the best that we can expect, then I am disappointed and will spend time on other forums instead. I know, Eskimos32001, if I don’t like it, leave.

Eski-Moses is right…get the kinks out already. Again I had difficulty logging in! It’s supposed to be automatic. Professional sports league…professional web-site. I don’t think that is too high an expectation .

Maybe you should check out, the brotherhood of the nasty eskimos!

but seriously, when are people gonna start listening to me about not logging in.

This is pretty much how I feel. As a loyal CFL fan I’m embarrassed at how poorly the official CFL site runs. And it’s not like these forums are jam-packed with activity either, so there’s no traffic argument to be made. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a message board this slow, buggy, and user-unfriendly. People can tell me to like it or leave it, and perhaps they’re right, but the league should be trying to REACH OUT to fans, not drive them away. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that the admins fix the site bugs and increase speed. This isn’t some guy running a message board in his basement; it’s the official site of the CFL. You want to be taken seriously as a professional league? Then you need a professional web site.

esk3201 do your really think people ar ethat stupid that they don’t understand the “remember me” function. Obviously it is more than that. your browser works, my browser works, but a lot don’t obviously. quit trying to sound supreme, and let people bitch. at least its valid now. unlike what it will be when their teams lose tothe riders all year long…wooooo

ya, this site is weak, but it has been faster for me lately. I think maybe its getting better.

Message to CFL about this site: get the type of site with the same company that the Tiger-Cats have and talk with Bob Young - real fast or else you risk looking real bad and losing lots of people. And this is from the people who really like the CFL!

And no, this isn’t a plug for the TiCats and Bob Young, it’s just that the TiCats site is awesome, fast and very professional. Bob Young is a computer guy and he knows all about this stuff.

How funny of you to point that out, because this site USES THE SAME TECHNOLOGY as the Ti-Cats’ website. That’s what Jedi Ron told us in the beginning of times (which was about three weeks ago).

I guess they just thought “If you build it, they will come”. But that again shows one should never take Kevin Costner seriously.

I think we all whine like sissies because we haven’t much to discuss about. When we’ve all said we want a CFL video game 12 times, and guessed 130 names for the future tenth team of the league, we kinda become out of fuel. Season definately needs to kick-off before we start munching on the admin’s forearm.

FYI - MRX is the same company that runs the Tiger-Cats site.

I hope you guys realize that the CFL probably doesn’t care a hole lot about the forums their fans use… I mean if we are here bitchin’ about how bad the site is then we are still here and that means that we are still using the site… I don’t think things will get alot better until we stop coming here and posting, cuz as far as their concerend they have given us a good site

I does seem much ‘slower’ than other CFL sites

Oops, I didn’t know that Third_and_Ten. Hopefully the bugs will get worked out and the site faster and everything will be ok. I just like the TiCat site so much, it is easier to use for us non-technie and is faster than this site.

I believe they do care. But they must be very low on ressources (both human and financial). Had they not care at all, they would have left the former the way it was.

This new version is a clear attempt at enhancing the whole CFL experience for the fans. I remember the last days of the former site. One admin guy came to mix with us to learn what we wanted and how he could help us play fantasy football on the site. It was the very first time I’d seen an admin on the former site. Then, a few weeks later, this new version appeared.

It is obvious that some features aren’t the way they ought to be. But I don’t mind heading slowly in the right direction as long as we keep getting there.

Ron, the techie here (it seems like there’s only one, which is pretty consistent with my assumption that they are low staffed), seems to take pride in making projects such as this one live. He’s in charge of the Internet café in the tabbies’ den. He surely wants this site to work well even more than we do.

It’s obvious nobody likes to be pointed at everyday for what’s going wrong in its project. Let’s not discourage them from doing their best to give us a great

And just remember how much you pay to access this site. The CFL makes no money from running it, so it has to work with the ressources available. You wouldn’t want this site to require a 40$ membership, would you (could Rider Priders afford such a membership twice?)

As far as I am concerned, I decided I would not complain anymore. I will still report the bugs I find so the admin knows they exist, but that will be it.

And, of course, I will keep on coming. I need my CFL fix even if it comes only slowly. :wink:

If it was like Riderville and everyday I was able to interact with CFL players on the message board and I had exclusive videos of practices, team meeting, games, etc. then yes I would consider paying twice. I belong to Riderville and various free fan sites. I find that I use Riderville ten times as much as I use any other fan site.

As for this one, yes it will be nice once they have the speed up, but I also miss a number of things about the old site which I have mentioned in earlier posts.

Hey Third_And_Ten last time I checked I found advertising on this site from Castrol, Tums, FSN, Rogers, Sony, Wendy’s Bowmans and to mention a few. Do you think they are getting this advertising for free? I highly doubt it (but if they are then do you think you could advertise for me?LOL). I know that if I was paying good money to the CFL for advertising and sponsorship, and part of that agreement included advertising on the web site I would be pissed off to see my money going to a site that is losing membership! I have been to this site maybe 3 times since it came on line - why? I would rather bang my head against the wall than wait for it to load up. With the old site I was online almost every day. Advertisers do not want to be associated with a bad product or have their product portrayed in a poor manner - bottom line! I noticed that they are doing something today and hopefully that will work becuase I am patient but my patience is wearing thin.
As for understaffing - in the service industry that is NEVER an excuse. When you go to a restaurant do you care how busy they are? No, you want your meal in a reasonable time frame. The same principal applies here - I may not be paying for the service but the sponsors sure are - they have expectations as well!