This shooting way to close to home

Scottsdale Centre shooting: Man shot in parking lot in North Delta | CTV News

assuming this is another gang shooting, I sure wish these cowards would stop with shooting from ambush and just find a way out of the way place to have a good old fashioned shootout until just one side standing. Invite all the local gangs.

Naah, never gonna happen. These ahole gang guys are all too cowardly.

FYB, I hate to break it to you but I will I guess, there is no "civil shooting protocol" and never will be amongst those possessing weapons illegally who also have ample criminal records.

I'm not sure what planet that idea came from, but it's not Earth. Duels as we have read about in the historic and chiefly Anglosphere are the subject of bygone lore as well.

Tactically, ambush is prized in the entire history of human warfare and so that's why it's done.

Sun Tzu wrote about that subject and so many others millennia ago before what we know as Western Civilization.