This season will be better than last.........

This season will be better than last, even if Obie doesn't bring in to many new guys. The reason i say this is because last year we had the youngest team in the league, this year will be their second year together, and they should all be improved. We have alot of young canadian talent, and the young American talent will understand the game by now. Gordon could be a force in the secondary, and we have alot of young talent on the line. Our receivers and O-line are young as well, and will gel in their second year. I'm just going to use the New York Giants as an example. The team from last year has barely changed, in fact, you could say they lost their best player in Tiki Barber, but in their second year all together, the team gelled. The only free agent the team brought in was Kawika Mitchell, who is not a big name free agent. I am going to be bold and say this team will be better next year, even if few changes are made. The most important changes have already been made, in the co-ordinators, and next year will be a much improved year.

I hope you're right, but that's what I said about this year as a whole and so far no dice.

I am not so sure it will be at this time.
So Far no major Signing or Trades.
Where missing Two Coaches to help the new DC

Right now I am giving the ticats 5 out 10.
for This off Season.
Of course my vote will Change if get a huge FA or Two.

look out, Obie and Rambo are on the hunt and be afraid be very afraid CFL.

it's not so much big free agency signings as it is the guys that are already there pulling together. a big time free agent is what can put your team over the top, but it is not the biggest reason for a winning team. the biggest reason is the young talent that is already there begins to understand the game and apply their ability to it. This year will be better. Our young O-line, receivers, D-Line and secondary will be much improved. Playoffs 08 here we come!

Not sold on this team.

Talk to me in June.

Hang in there, theres some good players coming in.