this season. . . : 'to do the impossible. . . '

If people in the city realizing Murphy’s - law of what can go wrong will go wrong - nothing has held more true. . . just watching this under achieving 2008 collection.

We do not however need a cover-page of SI, in order to have a say . . . in the peer-pressure of such a community based organization that's developed a football tradition. In fact, the truth becomes rather ironic, seeing that a tornado is the one thing standing in the way of promise.

This is why such reason is mistaking a natural disaster from taking place, cannot even compare to the departure Lyle Bauer would face, if he were to step down as CEO of the community based procurement.

If you've ever seen the movie Major League, it is about a mlb team Cleveland Indians, where the CEO Rachel Phelps wants to use her authority in order to capsize it's fan base in return for a major profit. The plan was simple it had the makings of a Hollywood ending, where life (Lyle Bauer) was imitating art. What ends up happening to Rachel Phelps master-ideology of choice, was that the fortunes of a losing baseball team destine for the cellar became a group cohesive effort. They were supposed to be a terrible team, but instead through collaboration coupled with the desire to win came through.

If we could accuse Lyle Bauer of script writing, we can also say he stole the print from the pages of Rachel Phelps verbatim to the story in Major League. We do not pretend this is life imitating art in Winnipeg, but when it comes to Lyle Bauer, the initial crowning of the king is getting awfully close.

If you do not want a king of false pride and even more or less false perdition . . . each and every bomber faithful is being taken for a ride because of Bauer's infiltrating role reversal upon the fans. It is a peril of interest that you as a fan do not digest Bauer, let him digest YOU. It is reverse psychology at its finest hour.


I say off with his head!


Obviously, the team isn’t looking to relocate to south Florida or anything but what would be so bad about Asper instead of the BOD running the team ?

Perhaps we will finally see an end to the mediocrity, which appears to have rubbed off from the city to the team.

Let them lose all their games I say, if it means getting the team out of the hands of all those old geezers on the BOD who seem to have forgotten how to build a winning organization.

...I concur whole-heartedly :thup:

Here is the encouraging aspect about what we're actually agreeing to disagree on:

the bomber BoD's are not working for the city right now. They are working for lyle voo-doo doll bauer. The premise behind a community owned team is completely poisoned.

The contingent of lyle bauer's voo-doo BoD's will sway in his favor, as long as the empire's money belt is being worn. Quite the contrast when you alphabetically put Lyle Bauer's name at the head of the list, or has that point completely evaded most Winnipeger's idolatry of borderline mutiny??

(I suppose that would be the case.)

In my own defense, Lyle Bauer has orchestrated everything along the lines of characterizing this Bomber-coup as a lovely wrapped little package. Perhaps, only I say that if Bauer wears the pants from gucci-in-drag, as all you faithful that post on ourbombers covet so much. I'll be more than happy to take what I can get, eh?? If that logic fails the BoD's voo-doo brigade of laywers on Maroon's Rd. Let me tell you something zoo+pigs. . . it is a sad day in hell. It tells me something about each and every Bomber fan that neglects their own civil authority, yet, allowing Bauer use the BoD's to write a superfluous storybook. (If you're farmiliar with the infamous Oedipus Complex, we are being blind. . . except Bauer is laughing himself to sleep at night.)In that story, much the same in case you are unfarmiliar with Oedipus Complex, the moral of the story is that Oedipus defiles his own eyes as to learning the truth that his offspring is that of his mother's. In fact, the opposite is true of Bauer, when you really use your intellect, (which may be hard for some of you judging by your messenger-Bauer's intellect. . .) Oedipus went to great length's to find out the truth, as he rightfully deserved to know. Instead, Bauer doesn't even give the fans a fighting chance, he's made all of you so apathetic you fear it.

The truth might be, you can't handle the truth.


P.S. If you enjoy Troy Westwood/Matt Sheridan/ and the silly feuding on Maroons Rd. take a back seat of the Rider Bus.