This season is awesome

I have to say that, although the Als are not in first, This has probably been the most exciting CFL season in a while. It's not like it used to be where it was pretty much a sure thing that the Als would destroy everyone in their path. Same thing for BC or Edm. This season everyone can win any game. Look at Hamilton beating up on Edm. That was awesome.

One thing that I like about this season, is the struggle we are living with...we reallly see who are the hardcore fans who still believe, or the casual fan that will whine & moan & find excuses when there is a lost.

We are currently showing the league that we are not OUT yet....we can still give them plenty of surprises until the GC.

This has definitely been one of the most exciting and frustrating seaosn at hte same time. It was irritating seeing the defence blow so many leads but wow is our offense something or what Edwards is showing the skill he had to become an all star in the nfl and CAlvillo can make any receiver look amazing.

And it is nice to see our defence rounding back into form with our new additions

Wow your back where have you been!

What a season and good game Montreal! We'll get you guys back in the eastern final!

Ive been at school mostly but its nice to know I was missed

You bet you are one of the best posters on here well with the exception of redandwhite! R&W that will be five bucks for that one!