this saturday's Eskimo game to draw 45,000+

Winning helps, the true test is when a team goes in to a funk for a few years and can if still get decent attendance ! Lion fans stay away in droves when the Lions are not winning ! It will be interesting to see how MTL fans react to a few tough years ?

I ALWAYS pick the Esks to win... even when I don't think they have a chance.

As for Commonwealth being home to hordes upon hordes of Rider fans to the point that there are more of them than Esks fans... Now that is just plain funny!!

WOW!!! A sensible not foolishly inflated with Rider pride reply from a Sask fan, aren't you worried they'll take back your membership card :smiley:

K, cfl, I'm not trying to be rude, but can you please shut up just once?! Every damn time! You wonder why people get so annoyed with you? THIS IS WHY!!! It doesn't matter if what you say is true, false, or somewhere inbetween. The fact that you constantly feel the need to thump your chest about how good the Riders fanbase is, like if the Riders collapsed the entire league would fall... that's what annoys people! Try showing some frickin humility once in a while.

That said, I'm glad we'll be getting a crowd this weekend. Attendance has been low. I know the Esks haven't given fans much to watch, but I'm still a little surprised...

Gee... I wonder why you are getting that good crowd... :roll: It certainly isn't because of the stellar play of the team...

Esks are still getting most fans per game. Even if they are 1-6.

Gee... Way to completely miss my post. A-derrr! :roll:

what are you a talking about?

there are a large percentage of Albertans that have migrated from Saskatchewan into Alberta.

they decided that Saskatchewan (at the time) had very little to offer them and Alberta was a flourishing province, so they ,moved here.

they kept their favorite team the Riders but they decided to cheer for the Eskimos as well.

but when the Riders come to town they Cheer for the Riders!

there’s no mystery here!

out of the 45,000+ that’s going to fill this stadium, sure the majority will be Eskimos fans… but I can promise you that out of that 45,000… 20,000 will be Rider fans.

cause remember, when any other team so far has come to town they’re barely getting over 30,000…

15,000 more just for the Riders… plus those who are Rider fans first, Esks fans 2nd.

We won't ever take back his "membership card"...real Rider fans don't have to spew mindless idiocy and make false claims to further inflate their already overblown sense of importance, as some others in this thread apparently feel the need to...

:roll: I am sick of all these Roughrider bandwagon jumpers. Or are Rider Priders really that awesome?

Let's run a test and call the Ottawa team the Rough Riders and kick the green Riders out of the CFL. If Rider fans really are so awesome, they don't even need the other teams in the league can play 18 intra-squad games and will still sell all of them out.

If they don't sell out, it is just a case of Napoleon Syndrome on a provincial scale.

Getting kicked out of the CFL would suck for the 20,000 real Rider fans (the 20,000 who showed up to watch the 1999 Riders) and the CFL would be worse for losing them.

But it would be worth it if it meant getting rid of the 10,000+ on the bandwagon. At the very least we wouldn't have to put up with any more cflisthebest type garbage.

I don't agree with you tommybluenose.

We tried. It doesn't burn well.

Gee I don't think anybody cares what a 1-6 Deadmonton fan has to say :roll: :roll: :roll:

who the #$#@ are you?

how dare you call me a bandwagon fan!

clearly you haven't read my posts from the past seasons have you?

first off, I have been a fan of the Riders since I was born. I have not once wavered or stopped being a fan of the Riders. I have cheered them on through the worst years or their existence (1977-87 and those bad years in the 90's) even when they got their butts handed to them by so many points they could have mailed it in! I was still there.

I have never once walked out of a game before it ended, whether they were winning or losing! even if by 40 pts or more.

perhaps do a little research buddy before you start calling me a bandwagon fan.

and just so you know, there's no way 20,000 people could possibly buy up 7 Million dollars worth of merchandise, more than the rest of the League combined.

you must be stupid.

Deamonton? :roll: rearrange the letters and it reads the Da-Edmonton fan Chief, he Eskimo always Da-Eskimo. :thup:


I've read your garbage, er, posts. You're either intentionally trying to turn everyone against the Riders or you have your head in an anatomically impossible location.

I simply cannot believe that you actually are a long-time Rider fan. Every one of those I have ever met are great people. You're probably a Stamps fans pretending to be an obnoxious melonhead just to make Rider fans look bad.

Or you're actually an obnoxious melonhead bandwagon jumper who is so delusional that you have convinced yourself that you've always been a fan.

We traded him to the Eskimos this spring for PaoloX. Both are refusing to report to their new teams, and have been placed on the waived/suspended list.

You can say it either way but the truth is that your team is in the basement and they ain't comin out...

The Riders only won by 4 points in July...this name is not a gimme by ANY means!!

Wouldn't that be something if the Riders win and Stamps lose? That would be an ouch!!