This Ricky Foley thing just reeks!

The more I think about this just doesn't add up. Foley changes his mind minutes before his flight to Vancouver and chooses to sign with Toronto because he will miss his mom? You mean to tell me that Braley had nothing to do with this? Known fact that he wants to sell the Lions and Foley would be a great addition to his new team. Lions let the best Canadian end leave over chump change? Wally comes on Global and says Foleys all confused and it's OK? What? Can't believe Wally is muzzled! Am I the only one bothered by this? Christ maybe Backer is the smartest guy in this forum! Who would have known from Donny Taylor's interview with Foley this morning when asked how he was going to get into game shape....answer "Put on a helmet and smash someone in the face!" that it could be Angus Reeds! Wow! Something smells bad and it's not coming from my backside!

Why don't we all pitch in and send little Ricky a security blanket and a soother.

The only thing that smells here is people that like to shovel manure onto any situation for its own sake.

Braley will get whats coming to him by taking on the Argo-NOTS, the on field product is still a work in progress, the fan base in T.O is the worst in the CFL and the game day experience in T.O completly sucks compared to every other teams cities and i have been to games all over Canada and T.O is an absolute craphole from the game day experience to watching a game in that craphole Skydome and it’s only a matter of time before they become the Moncton/Halifax Argo’s anyway’s!!

[quote="blueandgoldnation it's only a matter of time before they become the Moncton/Halifax Argo's anyway's!!
Wally gets pied in the face and is forced to give a politician response to the media. :thdn:

Eeerily similar to his last days in Calgary. Been there for a long time, Team on the decline, ownership issues causing his hands to be tied on player movement. I'm thinking this is Wally's last year in B.C.. Resign, take a year off, and because he wants to be closer to the hometown, the first Coach/G.M. of the new Ottawa franchise.

I cant see Braley throwing Wally under the bus like that

Lions were starting to look good without foley, do we all assume that is not so now????

This happens periodically. Last year Printer verbally committed to discuss contract with Montreal. The Als bought him a ticket and Popp was at the airport to meet him. He waited for 2 hours…no word from Printers. Printers changed his plans went to BC and signed there.
Good form? No. But conspiracy… no.
Foley and the Lions should have waited media wise. But karma is a funny thing. I’m betting Foley suffers in TO. And he and Rob Murphy are blood enemies. But in the CFL with salaries so low a 10-20% swing is a lot.
BC and Foley jumped the media gun…imo nothing more nothing less.

For the integrity of the game I hope you are right. All of us schmucks don't really know what really happened. I see two factors that motivate a player to and a teams desire to want him. Both not there from the Lions. We let a hard to find solid proven Canadian escape to Toronto! With many years left too.I tip my hat off to whoever was responsible!

That was a few years ago and it was Hamilton that he signed with instead of the Als. When BC picked him up late last year he had been a FA for about 9 months and nobody else wanted to touch him.

Ah…my mistake. You are right. Thanks

No problem :slight_smile:

Still a valid point though. These things do happen. It's not the first time a player has agreed to terms then turned around and changed their minds... and it won't be the last time.

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