This "Protect the QB at all costs" has gone too far......

what the hell kind of loony tunes call was that against Chick. Worst call I have ever seen in any pro sporting event. Probably took win away from Riders. League should be taking disciplinary action against the official that made that call.

why explain. your just upset. i dont know what you didnt see...burris was in a position in which he could not defend himself, chick only had to tag him, instead he took the shot and that cost him the penalty, he should never have put himself in that position to take the penalty. there is nobody to blame but chick for making a rare stupid decision.

Ahh jakob Burris was not "down" he was contacted by one his own players and fell! Then he attempted to get up and he is way too dangerous to go soft on!! I'm guessing you have never played football because you don't go in soft against a "live" player! It was a brutal call and very much cost us the win and the ref made not one but two bad calls today one that was overturned on appeal! I've been a fan and player for years I understand the game inside and out. This was a very poorly officiated game.

oh your right he wasnt lieing on his back lol and he was trying to get up and i wasnt there in the building. shutup seriously ive played football all my life and continue to today as well as coach and the rule is if the qb is down which he was and unable to defend himself than you dont take the shot so stop bitching

jakob you are wrong. Burris was tryign to get up again. That was not roughing, that was BS.

It's a brutal penalty. It changed the outcome of the game.

If he was down by contact, the referees didn't blow the play dead, or if they did, they didn't do it well enough to stop the players.

Burris was trying to get up, and Chick finished the tackle.

The fact that it wasn't an "after the play" penalty, and wasn't ruled 15 yards from the end of the play ( 55 yd line ), but 15 yards from point of last scrimmage ( 47 yd line ) is what eats at me.

The next play was scrimmaged from the 32 yd line.

If it wasn't "after the play" it was simply finishing a tackle -- and a major foul for that is a completely BS call.

The game was unable to prove a true frontrunner for top spot in the west -- just how much of a pansy Burris is -- and how much the refs cater to his whiny ways. This is football, eventually, you have to man up and play.

This just in: Stamps/Riders officials suspended for violation of CFL's banned substances policy. :cowboy: O.K. maybe not but that could be an explanation for that blown call.

I agree it was a bit of a stupid call. I was a little confused when it was called! Overall the worst iv seen was the call on Tob Brady a few weeks back when the guy TOUCHED his legs, no flag was throw then Brady cryed and BOOM flag was thrown! HORRIBLE Call! This is football Not curling!:stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct, he was on the ground, but he was also trying to get up and run. He should of been pounced on just like any other player who is in a position to try and run. It was a legal hit. He was a live player, they should not have penalized for a hard hit. It is tackle football isnt it? Yeah, I know all about the rules protecting the QB, but this time they got it wrong.

On another note, we needed someone to lose. Not a tie. That game sucked!!!!!!! Go Esks! :rockin:

the esks arent going to the playoffs anyways lol and if the do its in the east again. But not he was in the fetal postition and the shot was uncessary bitch all you want thats the rule and ive explained it over and over again and he had tried to get up and fell down again and than 5 seconds went by and than chick took a shot at him.

You lose credibility with statements like that.

If you actually watch the clip in question it was less than a second between when Burris went down and Chick hit him. It was such a bang bang play, at that point Chick had already committed and couldn't slow up. I maintain that it was a poor call at least at that point in the game.

i was there in person and saw it so comments like that i witnessed first hand not on tv. whining roughrider fans are the ones who have no credibility you never deserved the win so id be glad you got a tie if i were you hahah

Jakob7 you obviously are a pathetic stamps fan!!!! It really dosnt matter if it was a tie because the riders are gonna have the stamps ticket this year we have all season and we will next game!!!!! The call was blown by the ref and its a fact!!! Chick did his job and did it in good fashion just like he has all year!!!! The only way the stamps could even come close to us is by buying off refs with pathetic sobb stories!!! Burris is a little girl he always has been he always will be!!!!!

you are pathetic to think that burris is crying for calls. if it was reversed it would have been the greatest call made by an official this year. BY THE RULES, which are on the cfl website if you wish to read them, the call was proper. your own opinion maybe that the ref decides not too but you were not out there reffing. so im glad you think im pathetic and im glad you think winning by one point over us in the first game and tieing us here are major victories and that you have our number and what not who do you think you are the als lol

LOL the only thing worst than a Stamp fan is a gay eskimo!!!!! You just cant handle the fact that it was a blown call because that ensures that the stamps had their asses handed to them we will see in 3 weeks and after we put the nail in the stamps coffin please come back and chat some more!

are you serious did you read what you just wrote lol i have openly asked someone to read the rules and prove me wrong. you all know that you cant so you ignore that and go back to making attacks. i look forward to all rider/stamps games because they are good games. and the only thing worse than a stamps fan is a gay eskimo? did you think that all on your own? haha are you 12?

no im 14

The rules? Hmmm let's see what I can come up with here.

After the snap of the ball...the ball becomes live until it hits the ground or the player holding the ball hits the ground and at the same time he is on the ground an opposing (defensive) player must touch the downed player.

Ok so I made that up...I'm not sure if the rulebook breaks it down far enough for you, but hopefully you get the point...after the snap the ball is live...that's the object of the game here.

Ok so Hiney..err I mean Henry has a live ball, oops he trips and he tries to get back up, but no wait you're suggesting that he laid down in the fetal position so that a Rider can walk up & touch him.

Ummm this is overtime we're talking about here & you need 22 yards just to get the 1st down, so you're suggesting the thing to do is lay down in the fetal position here and wait for you're crack at 3rd & 34?

Oh yea according to your accounts and you were at the game by the way so you must be right, hank not only assumed the fetal but he did so for as much as 5 seconds before John Chick brutally creamed the guy???

Hmm what did everyone else on the field do for this supposed 5 seconds? I mean really can you count to 5?...Try it here I'll help 1...2...3...4...5.

Seems to me this is is a awfully long time to be laying in the fetal position and holding a live football in an overtime game?...not? But of course you were there you must be right...right?

For the record I will give you my point of view, then I will put you on my foe list so I don't have to read your ignorant posts anymore.
Ball is snapped Hanna scrambles trips & falls over backwards..rolls over is on her way back up when she senses a green truck heading right at her...well I'm finished anyway she thinks I may as well curl up & hope for a penalty. Bingo she gets her penalty. Trouble is the way we see it is the green truck was already on the way & had no choice but to make contact. Yes Hanna is smart she made the right choice, there was no other way out for her.

The key here is that Hank was on his way up and to suggest that he was just laying down waiting for someone to come over & touch him is ludicrous given the situation.

However I don't see the reason for the penalty on the truck it was doing exactly what it is supposed to do, that is it's job. I dunno I may not know much about football compared to some of you self proclaimed gurus out there but what exactly is job#1 for the defensive end?

Now so as not to confuse you I state that I personally do not believe it should have been a penalty. It was, oh well too late now, I certainly did not want to come on here to argue that, I figured there would be enough of that without me.

But when you come here & flood the forum with your ??? whats the right word here? insane point of; laying in the fetal position for 5 seconds with a live football in a overtime game...oh ya tied for 1st place.

You know what there is nothing that can be said in reply to a statement like that because it is so off the wall.

Then you go into the Montreal forum and make raciest statements only to turn around & tell them that they don't know what a raciest is?
And you come into the Saskatchewan Roughriders forum to make these ridiculous statements, not once & give up but you're obviously not willing to face reality?

Once again for the record I do not think it should have been a penalty, but I didn't want to make a big fuss either. I just felt the need to reply specifically to you jackob7.


And get the heck out of the Saskatchewan Roughriders forum.

Tom Higgins response.
"Any player that is down on the field with possession of the ball should only be touched," Higgins told Vicki Hall of the Calgary Herald. "It's protection for any player who is on the ground. It's in the rule book. The easy call would have been not to call it but it's a rule. What could Saskatchewan have done? It's really simple. Just touch the athlete. I don't think he would have been able to get up."

Not a surprising reply from Higgins.
Rules are rules after all, and Higgins can't go around undermining decisions of his officials, even though calling of the infraction is up to the DESCRETION of the official.

There have been many positive changes in the game to protect players from injury, but this is football and it's still a contact sport.

I have seen many similar plays go unflaged. Thankfully.
The calling of this "penalty " has drawn allot of attention, I just hope it doesn't set a precedence on how future games are called.

Let the players play the game.