This post is dedicated to that special Al's fan

Hi Johnny boy...remember your quote you left on the Lions forum last week after the Lions loss?

"Johnny gotta say, love the Als beating your Lions tonight. Johnny HATES the Lions. Absolutely detests them. Johnny would curse them if he could. The Als might not win the GC, but Johnny will always remember this win!

OH, and that Geroy Simon looks great on the sidelines wearing jeans... "

After the 43-10 beat down of your Al's today in BC...this post is for you!

As they say sooo sweet! :cowboy:

I'm glad the real Al's fan's are not like you!

Honestly when it comes to the game in BC the als should just forfeit to save them the embarrassment and the chance of injuries seeing as every year it is safe to mark that game down as a loss and lately a lopsided one


I'm glad too. Now do the same to the argos please. :smiley:

have not won in BC place for 12 years now....

Guess we'll call it the curse of Charlie Taaffe. We did win in 96,97,98 at least. They only won in our house in '03,'04,'06 and 10.

4 times here in the past decade to Als 0 .... :cry:

4 times here in the past decade to Als 0 … :cry:
There there, we’ll always have Empire Stadium. Didn’t even need a TD for that one. :slight_smile:

[i]You is right, Johnny is SPECIAL :cowboy: :rockin:

And Johnny still hates your BC Lions! Even more![/i]

[i]What is a REAL Als fan? Why does Johnny have to be like "them"? Who are you to define what is a real Als fan? Why do you criticise Johnny for not being like you wants him to be? Very intolerant person you are.

What's next? You criticize Johnny for not being a WASP? :roll: [/i]

Sur ce point, Johnny a raison.