This place is too depressing

After a long and exciting off season and people supposedly jonesing for the return of the CFL the majority of posts on here after week one of PRESEASON are tearing apart the product, the announcers, other provinces, other stadiums, the panel, the network. And these are the “fans” of the CFL??

What’s the point of all this?

Enjoy I guess.

As is the case with sports fans all over the world… we are no different.

I never saw Canadian fans this way before. You may be right. Or it may be that this is attracting this type of fan. I don't know and it doesn't matter much. But after spending all day in airports and planes and to open this up to read this stuff is just too much for me I spose.

It's certainly is not what I find enjoyable anyway. But most seem to enjoy this kind of negative banter or badgering. So the choice is easy.

I always stand up for the CFL.

There are certain posters, who shall remain nameless, who always take digs at OUR LEAGUE - even when they're pretending to be fans.

You want depressing - try being a Ti-Cats fan.

I'm always hoping for better things than what we've seen for most of the last 16 years. But for those of us who actually spend our money to attend most of their home games and support the team financially - it has been a tough stretch - with way more losing seasons than winning seasons the last 16 years. I think we've only been over .500 twice in the last 16 years!

So kind of exciting the off season buzz between Manziel and the hope the better play of Masoli and the rest of the team late last year would carry over to this season. I know it's only preseason - but last night's butt kicking at the hand of the Argos was disappointing.

So some of the 'whoa is us' exhibited by Cats fans today. Totally understandable.

And yes we get a bit defensive when people from other places trash the size and other aspects of our stadium - when we here who followed all the stories as it was being planned and built completely get why it is the correct size for this market that it is in.

I think there is less reason to demand a perfect product and every more to just be a fan now that the ticket gorging has stopped with the Grey Cup.

Are you suggesting that we should be complacent and not voice opinions whether they are positive or not ? Fans are fans and we are gonna gripe. That's what makes for improvement....Please don't take away our God given right to point out all the gaffes that Rod Black makes. We need that. ;D

Solid post. Misery loves company and there is lots of company online.

The CFL is a great league and product and who cares what all the whiners think? None of them can make a living on TV - so in reality, they're underachievers by comparison (hence the misery). My two cents.

Griping is a personality trait, not a fan trait.

I just laugh at the losers that post crAp here. I am a ticat fan and yes it has been tough but that is the CFL. I hope manziel does great and is our starter and then trade masoli to the Als, who need a good QB. And then masoli does not have manziel breathing done his neck. It cant be fun for masoli right now.

So in your world everything is hunky dory, eh ?

Griping is what fans do so that they know how to be happy when everything goes their way.
A kind of ying-yang thing.

Besides the whiners, as you call us, have been very tame. Most have just been voicing their displeasure with certain aspects. If you don't like it, go read some fairy tales. Good criticism is OK and sometimes funny.

This is a sports website and you expect fans from other cities to be cheering for their team, their city and criticizing the other teams and fans.
If you are at a football game, you don't cheer and give the other team a pat on the back when they score a TD. Can you imagine the fans in Hamilton at the Labour Day game thanking the Argos and their fans for coming out.
It's a long standing tradition with some teams to hate the other teams, their fans and their cities.

As for criticizing TSN, they aren't the CFL and some people love to hate the announcers. But that's no different than hockey fans that hate the old CBC guys or the Jays voices on Rogers.
Some people hate Rod Black and some guys on the panel, others love them.
It's entertaining to pick up on Rod's gaffes and sayings.
If you hate them doesn't mean you are anti-CFL
It's what we do as fans, we criticize and give our opinions as to why we think things should be better.
Doesn't mean we don't like the CFL, it just means we would be happier if they did things differently.

It would be a pretty boring site if we all had the same opinions and everyone cheered for all the teams instead of taking sides.

Good post Jonesy...The funny part of all this is that a few posters are whining and griping ABOUT the whining and griping. I love it !

I'll second that Dan.

We'll take him :wink:

No I didn't say that. I said griping is a personality trait. Those who gripe, rarely talk positively. That's what the OP is saying I believe in regards to all the negativity in here surrounding the CFL and this season - which hasn't even started yet.

I get it now. You guys are just negative about all the negativity.

Please don't take it personally. I'm sorry that you feel targetted here. That wasn't the intent. Today we can choose to make it all about ourselves, or we can channel some positive thoughts and energy to the families and all those associated with the Humboldt Broncos tragedy. The Riders will be there today to share in their grief and their healing. I'm gonna choose to think about this.

Your griping about other people griping...ironic is it not? :slight_smile:

As posters here know, I ALWAYS take the High Road, even when other posters do not - if you don't believe me, read the bottom of my post.

If everyone would follow MY lead, this forum would be a much better place.