this pic has me concerned, some

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I cant make out who the guy holding the ball is, but more importantly, where is chris?

That would be the new commissioner..and the guy you are looking for is second from left...


guess my eyes are going. that guy looks like suitor to me

Matt Dunnigan looks like a douchbag

just goes to show how you cant judge a book by its cover.

And you sound like a miserable old fart (as usual).


Lol...Probably my most hated player when he was with the Argos in particular, and a little loud for my taste, but he seems all right...

Far better colour man than Forde. I'm looking forward to Rod Blacks first broadcast myself just so I can finally hear him get it right when he says 5 yards added to the end of a punt return on a no yards penalty. :lol: :lol:

I said he looks like a douchebag… I never said that he was a douchbag… I quite liked his call when Kerwin Bell spiked the ball into his nuts… Its hard to believe that Dinnigan has bee uninvolved in broadcasting for way longer than he played

I also noticed last night Cuthburt was not there, but neither were Forde, Black, Miller, etc.

Cuthbert would be a huge loss, but he also did just sign an extension. Maybe he has been lured to NBC? He is working for them this year for the playoffs.

Cuthbert is still there as is Schultz. They likely just had other obligations last night.

So what's Blacks excuse? Figure Skating season is over.

Is there a trampoline season? :?

I'll admit my ignorance. Who IS the guy second from left in the picture?
Not Schulz.
Not Cuthbert.
There's another Chris on the CFL on TSN?

well this is great news.
Bell secured the Flagship franchise city in Toronto.
Expanding TSN radio to a seperate Hamilton on its own in Southern Ontario.

Sportnet/Rogers looks to be clear that they are all in on all things NHL and Blue Jays with any other sport or league taking a far second or being cut out of programming.
Soon all CFL ties will be severed as they seem to have wanted.
Have no MLB outside Blue Jays.
No NBA outside Raptors
No NFL at all

Glen Suitor I believe...I'm so used to the voice, I get my visuals off too.

2nd from the left is Suitor.

That ball looks huge! maybe its because Gary Coleman is holding it. Hmm

I also hope jock is around a lot. Unlike most, it seams, I like him.

milt is ok, but he leaves me wanting better.