This off-season has been very positive, i cant remember an off-season like this.
Congratulations to the Tiger-Cats organization, FIRST-CLASS !!

OB has been patient and hasn't done any moves that can HURT the team in any way. Playing safe and grinding it out...Like you say very positive.

Do we really need like 4 topics on this?

ABSOLUTELY!! Its been a long time coming !!

Sorry for being excited !!!

What exactly, has been a long time coming? Trading for Dan Goodspeed?


I'm not a pessimist by any stretch but all of this is, to say the least, over the top.

Maybe you should go to bed and wake up on the other side !!

Win games. It's simple.

All the stuff said now is fluff and means squat.

Is this a strange concept?

Good call TC 23! For some reason, this coming season seems to be different. Its not all about two or three player anymore. Its about the team and the organization. We've turned the corner people. Some of you people may not see it (too pessimistic)so sad :frowning: ....). But Im sure most of you know what I'm talking about.

LETS GO!! Go Cats Go!!!

Winning has been a strange concept to the Ticats, why do you think everybodies getting excited that we're getting alot better players and coaches? Any chance to put more than 3 wins on the board is a good one in our books.

100% agree with you.

We are getting way too excited. Obie is doing his job, bringing in players that he thinks is an upgrade over last year.

We have to wait until we play the games to see if we have made the right moves.

In 06, how many people were excited when we got Maas, Holmes and Vaughn? I was over the top excited. Look what happened.

We still need a good dline to show up in games and guys who we thought were good, could turn into busts.

Don't count your chickens until they are hatched.

Why so many threads on this topic? It's getting repetitive and the same people are putting the same people down.

Look this Ticat team is an 8-10 win team but it could easily turn into a 3-5 win team. Please lets all agree that the team looks good on paper, but we have to wait for the games to be played before we can give Obie the keys to the city, name the new stadium after him and vote him mayor.

again with the giving him the keys to the city thing. Obie has been making great deal after great deal after great deal. If it was anyone else I bet we would've traded Tafralis and a pick to get Glenn, released Printers sooner and outbid the Argos on Murphy thus shrinking our cap just for an OL, Trade our 1st and 9th and Jordan rempel to the Peg for Goodspeed and rushed Mace's decision by offering him more and giving up a pick to WPG in the 09 draft by signing him before the draft. Obie's swift, he's brought us from
a pee-wee team wearing Ticats jersey's to a team that seriously has a shot at a home playoff game this year. That deserves thanks and that's all we are doing is thanking Obie and giving him encouragement to keep bringing us players like this.

I don't understand why we put Obie on a pedastal right now.

Great deal after great deal? So the Moreno debacle was a great deal?

Wait till the players play on the field. Why can't anybody get this? A very select few on this site have this view.

I want the Cats to do well this year but if they struggle, you'll be eating your words and probably back track.

Obie is a man. He's doing his job. He's acquired talent but that talent hasn't played 1 game yet! Not 1!!! How can you judge his trades on paper? You can't. I know what you are going to say, well you have to wait on Mace and the 1st round draft pick. I say no to that because that was during the season, we got nothing back in that deal. It was a terrible deal. If Mace works out and the draft pick plays for us, then we can look back and say it was a good deal but not now.

I am all for optimism but hold your horses. We have won nothing yet. Nothing!

All the posts on this forum in the last 2 weeks has been about man love for Obie and how well the cats are going to do this year.

Please people, simmer down!

You can think we are going to do well but dont start praising people for their outstanding work when nothing has happened yet. Obie's 1st year wasn't very good but we have to wait and see for his 2nd.

You know in all the past off season we have made some big signings but most have neglected the biggest and most pathetic part of our team which is the O-line well it seems Obie has realized this hopefully our O-line will hold the opposing defences. And if they do that we will score touchdowns scoring touchdowns will inspire the defence (and keep them rested). In my opinion you could have the waterboy as the qb and if you give him all day to throw he will generate a drive. Now for my prediction's this year im thinking we finish 2nd and are eliminated in the final play off game in Montreal. We do have a talented team this year BUT i must bring that Horrible word back in there are some aspects on this team that will need a season to "Gell" thats just my opinion anyways :slight_smile:

At the time it looked like the worst deal ever made. But look where Moreno is now, playing for the A-hoes. There was no way that Obie could have voided that deal, because to have done so would have meant we would have had a player (Moreno) in our dressing room who knew the team really didn’t want him here - why else trade him for Canada? I believe we will sign Mace. With the third over-all pick and Mace we have the potential of two starters for one. We may not wind up with either as starters, but I have my hopes. I’ve always been a “half-full” kind of guy.

I’d say that Ticat fans in general are not “half-empty” kinds of guys (and gals) so I have to agree with you.

For someone who “want(s) the Cats to do well this year” you sound like, to me at least, to be relishing the hope that they will “struggle” when you talk about cheesgod11 “eating your words”.

What Obie has done, in my mind, has changed the football operations side of things, to build a winning atmosphere. It’s hard to define this, and harder still to do, but, and this is a big but, EVERYTHING he has done this off-season has been the RIGHT thing. By his moves (releasing Printers for example) he has shown the entire TEAM that the TEAM comes first. The existing players and the ones he has brought in are, in my mind, more likely to play as a TEAM instead of individuals, because of his actions. (Sorry for the yelling but I do feel very passionate about my team).

Sure we haven’t won anything yet, but how can you not be optimistic, when there has been such a huge change in direction by this club from the one that won only 3 games last year? Again I am a “half-full” kind of guy. Life is too short to be negative. There are no “mulligans” so enjoy it while you can. You never know when your last breath might happen.

I'm starting to think this board is full of Leaf fans.

No one has ever won the Grey Cup in April (or May, June or July for that matter). Come the end of August toward Labour Day, you'll have a better idea of whether or not we've "done the right things".

Everyone should take a deep breath.

I take deep breaths every day (lol). I'm not saying we'll win the Cup (Grey or Stanley (hee hee)). All I've said is I feel optimistic about the season. I'm sorry if you feel otherwise.