This one's for 120DB

2006 Western Final

oh yeah I know, those are typical Lions fans at a typical game, keep seated all night long and politely clap when the Lions score a TD

A better example of the Noise I like is when McCallum missed the OT field goal in the '04 Western Final. What decibel level do you think the crowd reached? Jet takeoff level? 140 dB? 100 dB?

I'd have to say about 110 DB. 140 would probably break your eardrums.

Hey now don't be talking about the McCallum miss. I have seen him miss from that same distance and same spot as a Lion in BC place since then.

All I am trying to say is don't jinx him.

I've seen Luca miss some horrid kicks too. Every kicker does now and then. Fortunately for the Lions it doesn't happen often with P.M.