This one is on Austin again .

Notice Austin yelling at his players during the game ? Cannot create a good environment can it ? Why nt wait till after the game ? .
Moore took a penalty of rough play when the game was out of reach and he was scolded . Burris is constantly being yelled at . Bartel was yelled at for that 7 yard kick he made . Ellingson got yelled at for not running a 10 yard route .

Something is not right here in my eyes . I also watched WALKER throwing temper tantrums as well ..not sure if he was mad at himself ?

SASK are not the Dallas Cowboys of the 70’s or 80’s . That touchdown the big #77 Lineman was just so embbarassing.

The team is just so very easily tricked and put out of position.

When a man leaves his zone to follow a receiver there has to be someone left covering the back coming out of the backfield or account for olineman turned receiver. I saw Cortez smirking on TV and without a pen in his mouth .

As usual it seemed knowlton and Murray were about 5 to 10 yards behind their man .

We made local Ontario EX UNIVERSITY players looks like superstars in Robb Bagg and Butler on Defence .Robb Bagg has had two knee surgeries and he ran past Bucknor and Parks on separate occasions .

On offence it seems Giguerre just doesn’t have it. He is so robotic and can’t get many yak yards and also he can only catch the ball if the ball hits his body .

John Chick looked like a besat against our tackles and I saw Simmons ge tricked and / or best on at least 3 occasions . One was Butler and the DE switched spots and nobody was there top pick up Butler .

This seemed like one very well prepared team with smart plays versus a poorly organized and prepared team with no smart plays .

Our running game was thrown aside . It seems this is ok at the beginning of the game when the OLINEMEN are fresh and the defence has to respect or expect the run but by the 2knd half after no run game has been shown and olinemen are getting tired then SASK can get everyone to rush and it becomes next to impossible to stop .

Does anyone know what all the conversations with Norwood and Durant were all about ? was that an attempt at intimidation ?

Why is it rey Williams is always going the wrong way or caught out of position in Hamilton’s defence and he looks like a psychic in sasl’s defence ?

I also found the ticats db’s were really pushing their luck with shirt tugs etc and were very lucky not to get more penalties.

Durant looked like he was going at about 70 % speed and that is all he had to.

I also noticed late in the game the ran the ball maybe 6 consecutive time with sheets and he was getting 7 to 10 yards a pop when we all knew he was running the ball. He should have been taking a beating instead we got pushed around ?

Players were messing up their assignments all over the field on both sides of the ball .

I can name a few players that did ok on this game ..grant, ellingson , brown , hobbs, stephen . The rest were terrible .

No pass rush and our sam linebacker wide side of the field is constantly being exploited with crossing routes and players out of the backfield etc ..all wide open

I still think we need to put jamal and markieth back to their original spots and let a big guy like plesius play the middle or bowman or bussey .

I'm with you on that. Markeith belongs at SAM and JJ belongs at WILL.

So if I'm reading what you're saying is correct I guess it's OK to put in a sub par effort but please don't yell at me after all you're only the coach .
Lack of discipline and effort is unacceptable at this level and the coach has to be very vocal if he needs to to get his point across.
Obviously the between games teaching and coaching has no real effect or it's not sinking in and KA is showing his frustration.

Hi Vijcos ,

When I say this game is on Austin , I mean because the team seemed ill prepared and were out smarted , out coached, out worked , out schemed ,,etc .

This team seemde lost with the noise but AUSTN should be very aware of how to play is SASK as should Burrs .

Austin yelling at his players so freely and openly just shows he has no control of his players . He seems shocked at their actions . Hhas all week to clearly indicate what he expects from Burris as far as communication goes and of BARTEL with respct to his kicks etc ...for Austin to be stomping around yelling makes me think he has not done a good enough job preparing the team with repsect to mentally , play seelction and execution, noice control etc ...
i can't imagine the players can be too happy with is display of emotion .

i don't mind a coach yelling at players to get tough or if they miss a play but he seems to do it all game long ..

if all the team is missing assignments and not perfroming then it falls on the coach or GM and Austin happens to be both .

We all know the talent level is margnal at best with no real running backl or running gaem and no big play receiver and no big pass rusher ....but this was just too easy for cortez and durant ...

Yell louder because they aren't listening all the time or just choose not to hear!!

Not too sure if I agree with that and/or that’s the answer. Unfortunately, Markeith is looking a step or two slow in pass coverage and that’s while playing @ WILL. If you put him @ SAM on the wide side, he’ll be in pass coverage almost exclusively and having to cover one of the opposition’s better SB’s. I think things (time & injuries) have caught up to Markeith which is too bad since I think he’s a heck of a player. But moving him from WILL back to SAM will only exacerbate the issue.

Yes, getting Bowman back in the middle will help. Moving JJ back to WILL will help. If they can use Harris @ SAM, that’s the ideal alignment. But injuries to those players and others and under-performance in additionally other areas dictate the team not being able to put their best team out on the field nor in their best positions!

Overall … and this is a generalization … not everyone fits into this … but overall … this is what I see.

The team is very young. Extremely young. The rookies are very athletic, but inexperienced. Take bad angles. Caught of position. Run routes instead of getting open. All signs of inexperience.

Meanwhile our vets seem to have lost a step or are not playing up to what is expected. Markeith, Patrick, Peach, Henry, Pete. Others like JJ may not have lost a step but not playing his natural position. Meanwhile others aren’t even on the field. Fantuz, Stala, Bowman, Lawrence.

Too many young guys who are either raw rookies and/or still developing or not developing quickly enough as well as an under-performing veteran group. Not exactly the recipe for success.

(@Gerbear … I think Norwood’s talking to Durant may have more to do with knowing each other from the Carolina’s.)

  1. The core vets have

it could be that he is waiting to see if self proclaimed supertar from Laval can fill the MMLB spot once he is up to speed with the defense since he missed training camp or Bowman may be the guy in the middle but needs to wait for him to come of the 9 game.
If he was thinking he could put at least one strong expereinced unit together with signing Joe Lobendahn to play the MLB and move JJ back to Will an Knowlton back to SAM.
At least then he will have a CFL tried and tested group of LB in place while they go through the process of tryouts for DBs and DLine.
Just a thought.
Also I am sure he has got his eye on some NFL free agents or potential free agents to fill some DB spots. Think he may have found one in Rico Murray who spent 3 seasons in the NFL. He played SAM last game but may be moved back to one of the DB spots.
Its going to take time of course but Lobo may fit right in right now at least.
Also needed is a load carrying type RB with some expereince. Walker Gable or Lamar do not have that expereince and again seeking out an NFL free Agent may be in the works ala Korey Sheets and Chad Simpson type

Kent Austin has every right to yell at his players. As Kavis Reed once said, "There will be consequences." 8)

8) gerbear 9, regarding your comment about George Cortez, you called it smirking, I called it smiling !!
   And he had every right to smile last night !!   Good for you Coach Cortez.  

   Payback is a real b...., isn't it !!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

in defence of austin and the other coaches the old saying is you can lead a horse to water but u cant make him drink. I have no doubt with the talent we have on the coaching staff being ex players they know how to get mentally prepared for a game but when its go time if they players cant physc themselves up or forget what they were taught then thats the coaches fault???? NOOOOOOO WAYYYYY

It is a rebuilding year for Hamilton so Austin will be going through players some will get a very short leash if they are just not good enough. Hinds and Bucknor have had some time to become CFL CBs Austin gave them a shot and they just are not good enough as an example. Injuries to Fantuz and Jones have hurt the offense and Gable will be around until they can find an NFL free Agent to take his place. Walker just is not an every down RB. Just some examples and Avon Cobourne will not be coming back as an over 30 year old RB for 150K.