This one is for Turkey..........and Saskargo

Ha! Saskargo would have a fit right 'bout now...

Prob did!

Nice. :lol:

Nice shot ro!! Saskatchewan deserve it,all the power to them!!!!

Bombers in 2008!!!!!!!11

Credit the CBC not me...
But thanks anyway! :lol:

I can see it now...straight jacket....bouncing off the rubber walls...foaming at the mouth

...Rider fans laughing hysterically in the hall...

I can see her now

That's an awesome smiley, ro! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh no...poor Kanga!! :lol:

Maybe he crapped his pants.

I wonder where 'ol "crapkargo" is these days?

I miss Saskargo. She was good entertainment.

It would be hilarious if she read this


Not bad Kanga first post and it gets edited.

:lol: so the little fellows still around.

ro, I'd say that's bordering on flaming......keep up the good work.