This one is for all of you trolls

Answer truthfully

i will answer for the crygarian, jealousy imho...'re right, why waste my time in this stinky part of the overall forum when the real men take their brags and insults to the main forum......guess we won't be seeing ya there eh?........I'll return Sunday to either congratulate your club and those fans that deserve it (read: not you) on a win or rub your nose in your own doo-doo after my boys come out on top.....bye bye freako, it's been a slice.......enjoy talking to, um, no one I guess, that's about how many friends you've made so far......


.....does anyone else find it odd that a troll is posting a thread about trolls?????

see thats just it why congradulate the fans? i didn't play the game, thats your problem you think you are a part of your team lololol come back to reality.....

the mighty eskimos, the evil empire of the cfl will once again triumph next week, grey cup is within grasp, go eskies go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate myself for posting pro-Stampeders stuff here earlier..
So... I am now solidly an EE convert.
There is no way they will lose this wknd.
The EE BACKUPS are better than most teams' starters.
Mike Maurer is a 1000-yard rusher for just about any other team.
Nowacki could EASILY be a Jason Clermont..
There is no way Boese or Chatman or Kelly could carry Marcus Winn's jockstrap.
We know about Maas.. but Jason Johnson could have quarterbacked Wpg in to the playoffs..
Their starting 24, individually and as a group, is without peer.
Coaching? First-rate.
Campbell? A genius, while Jim Barker couldn't poor p*ss out of a boot even if the instructions were on the heel.
Esks can just throw their jerseys on the field at McMahon and they can win.

Are you any relation to unrealriders?

To: eskloseitall:

Subject: suck it up butter cup, or do you prefer princess

suck it up buttercup?
what does this mean?
are you calling me gay? ot what.....

Ha ha ha I think you hit his soft spot ha ha ha ha

It sure looks like the same guy or his twin!