This on hurts the most !!!!!

Man, this one is hard to take..........First off.....THANK YOU, DEFENCE !!!!!!!!
They kicked,clawed and fought for everything and scored the only TD of the game one both sides of the ball.. One loosy 3rd down gamble away from the WIn!!!!
Wall,Evans and the rest of the D ...outstanding...

Offence...WHATTHEF###. TEE time is over. Even the TSN guys wonder way Wynn hasn't been given a shot. They didn't even have to score a TD just sustain a drive.....effn pathetic.!!!!

Well, I was totally pulling for Winnipeg through that game. Their defense kinda won me over. For a Rider fan to say that takes a lot of courage, let me tell you. . .I was impressed, and I think they outplayed Ray and his boys. Too bad they couldn't walk away with the W.

Yes I feel your pain, as do all bomber fans, so please change your name.

So close and yet so far, but the BB are getting good!

Ofence, what ofence??? Put Mincha or Wyne in and bicth slap the O receveris

Defence and Ryan was awesome tonight, we should trafe the whole ofense except Ryan cuz it seems that they are not wrothy of this defence cuz they played like a D in the Grey Cup tonight! keep it up! baby!

Secondanry is good!

All in all, I feel prond to be a BB fan tonight, we didn't win but we (expect for the O) we played well tonight!

GO BB!!!

i have to say as i have been saying all year, daley has to go, taman has to go, keeping Tee Martin in for 3 straight games (and hes' done nothing), he has had his chance, it is now time to put the real QB of the future in RUSS MICHNA. The defense was awesome once again, but the offense has done nothing to help out and win us some football games....TEE TIME OVER .....

tee did alright, actually i lied, but he did do better... , knowing daley, he wont take out tee, so dont count on it.

Agree 100%. Our defence was awesome.

Tee is confusing the hell out of me. The guy is SUCH an athlete. Some of the passes he threw were incredible, and when he put his head down and ran he was dangerous. On the other hand, he couldn't keep a drive going to save his life. Very few drops this game as well. I really don't know what to make of him right now - I'm beginning to wonder if the problem isn't with his head - he may not be sharp enough to be an effective QB. Some of the things he says makes me wonder if he's just a big dummy quite frankly.

Is it time for a change? I just dunno. The O-line again, didn't give him any time at all.

i disagree the o-line played their best game of the year, i counted 2 missed assignments on the o-line and a qurterback with a brain would have made better decisions, i believe from both games i seen (pre-season) that Michna can read the Defense better, and Wynn is a proven (yet still young) CFL QB- TEE has to sit out and watch a few games and get his thinking cap on

This does hurt. If Ryan punts it 50 yards instead of 20 game over. i don't believe he shanked THAT kick---OMFG the bombers are cursed. I have not seen a offence this bad in a while, give the dam backups a chance. The O-line is the best since Mudge was on top of his game, too bad they are using up so many import spots. Roberts is not the same. Defensive line may be best in CFL, backfield is improving under Rust too, the one bad big play at the end is scary though.

It was tough being a bomber fan in Regina before, but at 0-4 i don't think I can leave the house!!

AC, you are right, but I think its with his mechanics, several of his passes were in the receivers feet or 6 feet over their head. I think he has strong arm but not yet very accurate. To see him scramble tonight was good and he looked good on those runs, a real bull.

Tee sucks, cant wait for glenn to return, incredable work by defence what an effort

I can't believe that Tee Martin actually had a career in the NFL. He looks like crap.

He hasn't played a single decent game yet. What are his stats? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he's ever completed more than 45% of his passes!

ray didnt look great either buddy!! he actually played pretty bad in my opinion, and dont give me that crap... blah blah, he meant to fumble the ball, blah blah, he meant to throw an interception BLAH BLAH!

uhh ray may of had a bad game but trust me, he will do better this season

oh i know he will, he usually looks awesome, i really was surprised by his performance!

true enough at home too.

Ray was (IMO) better than most will give him credit for. The Bombers Secondary was effective. I'd rather have a QB that hangs on to the ball instead of throwing into coverage (and yes I know he threw 2 ints - it could have been way more). I think his receivers didn't show up.

I am aware that Ray isn't perfect - he played pretty average. And the Bomber defense wouldn't let the offense get any kind of rhythm going.

The good news for the Esks is that even when Ray originally came here, he played the odd stinker but he kept his composure and rebounded in the next game. Ottawa can look forward to playing a very snarly and fired-up Edmonton offense next week.