This must be a FOOTBALL record

The drive that was aided by 4 penalties started on the Hamilton 1 yard line. That is 108 yards of penalties. Might be wrong but I think the only pass they completed Hamilton did accept the pass interference on. SO does anyone know if this is a new record :?: Then they rushed for 1 yard at the end.
That has to be the best ratio for a drive ever 108 yards from the orange flag and 1 yard rushing :oops:

I don't know if that was a record, but it must be pretty damn close.

Definitely not a record for us to be proud of if it is. :frowning:

What is sad is that it puts us number 2 in minutes. I have seen this in the past and near the end of the season a team with the highest minutes gets a little extra look from the refs. Danny talked about it last year and yeah it is true. They talk about a disciplined team blah blah blah. Sure roughing the passer is the dumbest penilty you can take. But usually those two are let go. Once they called the first BS call they were committed to call it again. diving at the quarterback’s legs as he is releasing the ball is not roughing IMO. The REFS have to understand he is not a kicker and he is fair game. It is different if you hit him in the head… :shock: agreed but when the D-line man coming full out dives at 260 + pounds you just can’t stop in mid air. Both tackles were clean but McMannus knows how to embellish it by folding up like the old tent he is. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has to be a record or at least a tie. You cant start farther back than your own one and move any farther than their one. 108 yards is the most you can move the ball on penalties.

Think of the offence going backwards on penalties.
2nd and 108 yards to go

that was the dumbest thing riders did/didnt do. Head couch Danny Barrets should of called a T.O. and camed the guys down im suprised we came out victorious be thankfully we did

That’s something that hopefully we will never have to consider. Man I can only imagine the posts that we would see if it ever did. Moderators would REALLY have to work hard to keep the boards respectable then. :lol: