this letter is for the ticat bosses and ivory wynne

Ok i have been impressed with the ticat team and i am looking forward to the ticat season. I think were going to have a great year.

Im from oshawa and i am a long time ti cat fan. I love going to the games and i enjoy the ivor wynne atmosphere. I read the letter from the winnipeg free press about the visiting team not having hot water in there locker room to have a shower after the game. Ok its one thing if that was a joke, ok fine, but if that wasnt a joke and they didnt have hot water to wash themselves and get cooled off after the game...thats just wrong. IM not a supporter of the winnipeg bluebombers but i mean thats an embarassement for our team and the CFL. If we can spend money on a jumbotron and everything else we need to spend the money to fix ivor wynne up. If not going to do that we need to start looking for money and businesses to help sponsor and create a new football stadium. Ivor wynne will not last forever. I know there will be people complaining what i have to say here but the fact of the matter is...things have to be improved at the very least.

Bob young and Ivor wynne owner and whoever else is repsonsible for dealing with these matters should deal with them before this causes more problems or hatred for out team.


The City owns Ivor Wynne not its the City's problem to deal with.

really, i think it'd be worse if it was a 'joke' as you say.

they had water, and it probably just took some time for it to get fixed up.

Uhmm.. WHO is "ivory" wynn??

The love-child of Clifford Ivory and Spurgeon Wynne.

(Darned inbred blue-team players... lol)


Nuff said!!

The evil-genious twin of Ebony Wynne...

Here they

LMAO. I don’t recall the last time a typo led to me getting this many good laughs.

Anyway, Allan did mention that Bob and “whoever else is responsible for dealing with these matters” so that could include the city. He also mentioned that Bob paid for the TigerVision, but I think this is something the city will deal with.

To which I'd assume Bob would reply:

"If we don't paint the seats and clean the pidgeon poop off them... our customers will sit on splintery pidegeon pooped seats.. it is our responsibility."

The city gives the Cats a sweet deal on rent anyways.

The same goes for accomodating the competition. Without competition, there's no one to defeat and no business. The Bombers, Argos, Alouettes, Stamps, Eskies, Riders and Lions shoud expect hot water at the very least.

OK... maybe not the Argos.

How can you write a letter to IVOR (assume thats whom you had in mind) Wynne? Isn't he long since dead. How will he get it?

I have personliy been in thoughs locker rooms as a player and i asure u there is a hot water

The thing that bothered me about that news story is that the writer claims that one has to travel to Toronto to get a flight home.

I'm not fazed anymore by the fact that in my time spent in the CFL I have landed in Hamilton but never actually flown out of the airport. I find it quaint that it appears to be the only terminal in Canada where if you wish to leave, you have to drive to Toronto.

It sounds like he is saying that flights only land in HI airport.


I hope the people in Winnipeg are smart enough not to believe that nonsense.

I checked the Westjet site and they have flights from Hamilton to Winnipeg.

The Tiger-Cats genrally use which ever airport provides the most convenient scheduling. For the Winnipeg preseason game, they flew out of Pearson. For the game tonight they left from HI.

As their sponsor I assume WestJet has some sort of travel exclusivity arrangement with the team. So for a flight to Montreal, the only airline that flies Hamilton to Montreal from HI is Air Canada Jazz. So I’d assume in this case, the Cats would bus down to Pearson to catch a flight to Montreal or take the train. VIA is their sponsor too right?

Anyways back to Brown. WestJet flies to and from Winnipeg from Hamitlon everyday except Saturday I think. So if the team gets in Thursday for a Friday game and wants to leave Saturday, they’d have to depart from Pearson.

No reason to rag on Hamilton though. The whole Spec thing? Well thats another story.

As a player who has actually showered and changed in the visitors locker room, i'm tleling you from first hand experience that there is indeed hot water. Infact, if memory serves me right from last November, the water was TOO hot and resulted in some unpleasentry's.