This kinda sucks without the commentators.

I didn't think I would miss them so much...

That is almost what it is like , being there.

Yeah, but minus the atmosphere. Has anyone else noticed there aren't as many replays? It's understandable, considering the lockout, but that's what I'm missing more than the commentary.

There is a good atmosphere at my house…come on over.

Ya. I guess that is what I am missing the most. Whatever it is though I'm not enjoying this game nearly as much as a usual game. Then again I hate games being on CBC anyway. I hope next year CFL games are broadcast exclusively on TSN.


On the upside, the reffing seems to be okay tonight - maybe that's the trade-off: no commentary, but a decently reffed game. Which would people prefer? :?

The CBC in more homes across CANADA......and they do a great job during the play we get CFL.......DVDS.......from them.

TSN cares more about basball and hockey.They also show......NFL games.

Actually, I am really starting to enjoy it this way, but I m baked right now so thats probably why.

lol.............. :lol: :lol: :lol: me too. :lol:

I want Quicktime Radio Streaming! RealAudio doesn't work.

A female.............ever go to games in OTTAWA???????? [just joking]

I agree..........and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least I don't have to listen to the commentators going on and on about the Argos.
No wait that's tsn :wink:

give it up r13, the announcers are always pro Montreal, Calvillo this and Calvillo that and another sell out and oh my the hot dogs and beer here are soooo good.

Again…LEIF PATTERSON…played for SASK…as did , GLEN SUITER… :smiley:

LEIL goes on and on about every one…

I've got my mom in Atlanta traping it on the PVR for me so I can watch it later since I can't see any games here on my college campus.

Well, I’m at home, & I feel like I’m in the concourse, sweating my bag off (we’re still in a heat wave here...ya, 28’ for us is a heat wave), waiting in the line for a hotdog & watching the game on the monitors, without the lineup, with the fans & players on tv screaming FUCK! GET DAT BALL, NIGGA! & SONOFABITCH!! Oh, & assholes budding in line for beer. None here.

Other than the 'raw' profanity, & until the internet radio broadcasts & TV are in sync, I'd enjoy 'hostless' games.

Being a fan of the CFL, I can figure out what's going on. These broadcasts may not be good for those new to the product.

Best regards.

Geezus, all was good until I heard the stadium guy announce the missing kid...6 years old, green shirt, blue jeans...on CBC!

KRice, hope they find him...

i'm liking the game with no play by play or colour commentary :smiley:

Thought the camera work was pretty good. Could have use a few more replays but in general, it wasn't that bad. Got to experience the atmosphere the stadium more.

marpolejoel, they found the 6 year old.