This kills me....

This is what Peter's article said today...

"It wasn't just that the offence misfired. But there seemed to be some mis-communication between the coaching staff and front office. Despite the fact the Cats advertised the scrimmage would take place at 3:30 p.m., Taaffe had the crew complete 90 minutes of practice drills with the paid-for officiating crew of Jake Ireland reduced to mainly standing around, and the big turnout largely sitting on their hands before the hour-long scrimmage about 5 p.m."

This is a portion of Peter's article on Saturday...

And with a pre-season contest looming in just six days, Taaffe is a little anxious about the full contact nature of today's exercise. The Cats will practice for part of the time before having the scrimmage. "I just want to see them with the coaches off the field. I want to see them out on their own a little bit and see how they execute in a controlled situation but with live tackling.

"The fine line is, you want to get guys work but you don't want to get people hurt."

Taaffe doesn't anticipate a long scrimmage. He will back the offence up under the shadow of the uprights and see if the quarterbacks can move the ball. Likewise, he will back the defence up to just outside the goal line and see if the crew can prevent a touchdown from being scored.

The team will also work on its three-minute offence to see how effectively it can move the ball in the waning minutes of the first half or end of a game."

Peter's was the one who advertised drills before the scrimmage, now he's trying to dump the blame on someone else.

I thought about that this morning as I noticed his current article.

And people wonder why Ken gets a bad name, what a complete joke.

Although by having all those people wait from 3:30 on it tells me how many people actually read Ken’s work (if you wanna call it that).

Doesn't surprise me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm not surprised either. What did surprise me is that people were expecting something other than what we got.

I find it insane that the cats make everything about training camp open to the fans, for FREE, and then people complain about what we get. We're LUCKY to have such free access to our team and coaches. We're LUCKY that our team is such a part of our community. Too many people have such an attitude of entitlement. This is a privledge and an honour... people should be grateful, NOT whining.

(shakes head)

Worth repeating.

(sittin back relaxin lovin life)

(and laughin)

Couldn't agree more.