This Karma Machine Only Takes Quarters

Sunday November 14th 2010. I went to a TiCats game. I brought my wife three friends and my son.

Three Jerks and a Squirt.

There were Four Jerks.

The Argos the ruined the game for me that day. Wanna know whats worse? I ruined it for somebody else.

I owe the lady behind me an apology. I'm too passionate about football and for that, the casual fan suffers. On November 14th a middle aged woman with an ample bottom left IWS not because she was trying to beat the rush home, but because she'd had enough of me and mine.

It wasn't my responsibily to see to it she had a good time. I was busy trying to make sure my friends had a good time. But it was my responsibility, as another poster said it best, to see to it that I wasn't the reason she didn't. And in that regard, I failed. Miserably. I'm the reason she won't be back next year at all.

I will do better. I will awaken and arise, or I will be forever fallen.

That's a pretty cool thing to post. Respect can be a damn hard thing to get somedays but for what it's worth you have mine.

You find your friends in the strangest places sometimes.

I suppose in my lastest narrative I'm the sparrow, and you're the cow.

Guess who's back?

When last season ended I was in critical condition. I flat lined then got up and ran from the mortician.

2ndandwrong, thank you for your insight. You've made me a better football fan.

Go Cats Go!!!!!!

Wise decision .....those guys tend to drag you down :wink: 8)

  • Welcome back -

Good job on admitting to your mistakes but you'd think that you'd have a brain in your head seeing as your son was with you...

I'm a @#$%ing moron too! No doubt about it... but I at least try to set a good example for my son.