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I smell smoke. LOL

We shall see.

Face it... Hamilton will lose this one too. We are doomed, cursed or whatever you want to call it. I am sure "THE MANAGEMENT" will let this slip away too. On the flip side... ask ourselves this.... Why would he want to come play here anyways? Disfunctional Management, players and fans.

enough said... lol

Ah yes, the Curse.

Watch it, i tried to say that and got attacked from all angles.

If Printers signs with someone else that means whomever signs him their QB becomes expendable.

Stamps - Burris can be traded
Toronto - Maybe Bishop
Winnepeg - Glenn (althrough why? Glenn is playing stunning)
Montreal - Calvio (I personally think he is overrated but the fans/management here may want him)

maybe you meant to post this story?

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It's between the Cats and the Lions....and I'm pretty sure it's not the Lions.
I don't really think that Wally really wants Printers back (bad blood there). It seems that O'Billovich went after Printers without first informing Wally on the move.
Printers goes to the Cat's. :cowboy:

Let em attack all they want... we all know it's true.
I really hope we get Printers....I think it will elp to keep the fans in the stands. When your team is losing for 3 years now... and fans threatin to "not renew" or "boycott a game" .. lets hope a PRINTERS SIGNING will help all of us with our football WOES.

Printers will decide based on a series of issues. The Cats offer had better not be an offer he can refuse. LOL

I understand the logic of track records, but this is pro sports. I'll let Jerry McGuire Jr. weave his magic and see whether Bob really put his money where his mouth is on this one.

Price is no object if the caproom musings of Desjardins are to be taken seriously. I would think 500K is the benchmark if the Cats are serious in winning this bidding war. There isn't enough time to lowball, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I personally think he is headed to Argos country.

Allen is done
McMahon is good as released
Crouch is a nice 2nd - 3rd string
Butler - Traded or released

It will be
1st - Printers (solid starter)
2nd - Bishop (amazing backup)
3rd - Crouch (up and comer)

No GM in the CFL would pass up that squad.
Bishop is a cheap contract, he wants to play in the CFL he walked away from Arena football
He has shown he can start in the CFL but with this combination the argos will be strong.

More speculation, this time from sportsnet:

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Notably, they say:

"It's believed he will sign with one of either Hamilton or B.C., although the latest rumour has Montreal in the mix."

"Sources throughout the CFL are convinced Printers will sign with the Lions, with whom he played from 2003-2005. Printers was voted the CFL's Most Outstanding Player in 2004."

"The thinking among many people is the Lions will place Dickenson on the nine-game injured list, which will not count against the $4.05 salary cap by which all teams must abide or face financial penalties."

"The Tiger-Cats, which are last in the CFL with a 1-8 record, have reportedly offered the most money. And has learned that Ticats owner Bob Young has had local businessmen contact Medlock to provide a landscape of sponsorship opportunities for Printers."

"There is a belief among CFL observors that if B.C. Lions owner David Braley wants Printers badly enough, he will outbid anyone else."

If that's the recipe, the Toronto locker room will implode. The 3-6 juggernaut that creates a ready-made QB controversy just in time for a playoff run in a Grey Cup year?

Damien Cox et al would DROOL for that, but I digress.

If you thought McMahon's rueing was off-kilter, get a load of what Bishop's will sound like, directly delivered or not.

They have made their bed with Bishop's on the headboard by circumstance and accelerated design. Printers is weeks away if brought into that situation. Going to love that warm cuddly feeling of Bishop, Allen, AND Printers in that mix.

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

if the ticats want printers, they will be probably have to frontload his contract, give him a fat signing bonus, and possibly hook him up with bigtime sponsorship deals, if Hamilton’s smart they will try hook Casey up with a nice house in Oakville and give him a free ride.

The "they" had better be another organization indirectly under the spell of Ticat Nation. Teams can't directly be linked to side deals like that in the SMS world.

Not saying sweeteners won't be applied, but the trail will be far subtler. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I have 2 points to make fast.

1)-IF- Printers was headed back to BC why was it reported that he is in Toronto? now I am not saying he is only goin to TO but he was going to sign with a western team why would be be in Toronto ?

2)-IF- Printers does head to BC again that makes Buck Pierce available doesn't it ? Bob Young and David Brailey are friends..maybe something can be done.

I don't think so. Dickenson is done like dinner. So BC would have Printers #1, Pierce #2, Jackson #3.

What peeves me is the mention of Calgary in that mix. "Scuse me???" But isn't Burris making around $400 K? Talk about blowing a lid of the salary cap!

Not only do I think its in Hamilton's best interests but also in the CFL's for Printers to come to the Hammer.

The true heart of the league is in Hamilton and its in every teams best interests that we get better.

Obviously my views are a bit bias my I truly believe them to be true.