This just in Wally Appealing Rasouli Suspension

League officials have announced that Coach Wally Buono is appealling the suspension to Rasouli. Wally is quoted as saying "look I have lost two quarterbacks already and almost a third on the weekend. Just like with the hit on Dave, this time it was another lineman that gave a free hit on the quarterback. I shouldn't have to be punished again, by losing both a quarterback and a lineman"

Dispite feeling sorry for his plight, league officials are likely to uphold the suspension, stating, "Wally told us we were wrong on the Dave hit, we want to make sure he is consistent, as remains the biggest whiner in the league"

No surprise there, I will definitely be surprised if the suspension is upheld. Looks like another long 3 weeks discussing the toothlessness of CFL disscipline.

News flash, as of 6:55am this morning, they will not appeal.

But, this is the CFL, and we could have 50 different changes and media reports in the next 24 hours!

There is an article in todays province where Wally said he has the perfect job for him the next game - The lions have a new assistant coach (?) that just signed a 3 year contract and that #55 could help him with reading the signals to get him up and running - It also said that the Lions would probably not appeal and use it as a PR move instead - The paper also lists his game day pay as $4,000 which he forfeits during a suspension.

you guys really took the tongue in cheek thing to heart didn't you...or maybe you actually believed wally was that arrogant so you didn't question the stupidity of the quote.

Actually, Mike, thats probably something Wally would have said!

I think that is the problem Mike--you got the personality of Wally down to good!!

Mike is a little slow on the up take there sporty! I guess the roner stores TV is broke and his car radio was stolen.

Why would we question a quote from you Mikey!

Nope Rasouli is sitting out said so himself on team 1040

It is up to the player to appeal and Haji-Rasouli said today he accepts the league's suspension and will not appeal it.

Yup , Sherko will not appeal Wally did NOT want him to , just more lies being made up again.

Biggest whiner is not Wally ' it's Pissant who now holds that title and the league fined for it .

I prefer to call him the red-headed stepchild.

The biggest Whiner is "Sir Eric Tillman". I used to respect the "man".

I used to respect him also , but now in retrospect , he did trash talk Joe PoaPoa to didn't he ? Showing his true colours lately . He's actually making Roy Shivers look pretty good now. He's certainly earning his "name" these days.
#1 whiner alright. The thing is all the good rider fans just forgot they LOST 3 in a row now because of all the whining pissant did.

This is crazy. All this talk about Tillman, the suspension to Rausoli and the fines handed to various Lions, and to Tillman, the Stamps. Its over with, just move on.
Penn , you and a few other fans are going to thread after thread whining about Tillman whining, do you not see the hypocrisy in that? It amazes me, how you railed against the hypocrites in another thread, but yet you keep on about this, for reasons known only to yourself.
The other fact that seems to escape some of you is that BC WON THE EFFING GAME!!! You are 8-3-1, but it seems like the way you guys post, one would believe you are 3-8-1! You are playing later today, against another divisional foe, why not focus on that rather than what happened last week? Really all this bafflegab(thanks, papa,LOL) is trying to kick a team when they are down. Seem familiar? I hope it does, because it seems like some of you are taking cues from your "heroes".

I hope today's games are close and that all teams play well, no matter who they have in the lineup. These games will be very interesting, to say the least.

I thought it was funny... :lol:

Chief that is funny! :lol: :lol:

Sambo , it is all the crap directed at BC in this forum this year that is causing a lot of what you are seeing. You seem to miss all the times that garbage about BC is posted here and it is a response to it. You are getting tired of us pointing out Tillmans fiasco last week after only one week of it . But we’ve been hearing Wally being called a whiner on hear since the Perry hit and review ever since . And it comes up thread after thread. That was how long ago? Or garbage about the BC O-line and how dirty BC is thread after thread since Abdullah made his comments. And that was how long ago? BC is called dirty by BC haters (very players though did this and some coaches like Higgens and Berry actually came out in defence of BC O-line), yet BC is the second LEAST penalized them in the league.

What you are getting about Tilman is only what we’ve been enduring on this forum all season long , ok ? That has caused respect to be lost ,ok ? When no respect(and I mean constant trash talking our team) is given , it is not returned either . I’ve tried to post respectfully here for a few years but now as a fan of the most hated team I guess I don’t care anymore what other fans think .