This just in... (TSN)

Prefontaine traded by T.O. to Edmonton pending a physical…with Mike Vanderjagt (or Vanderjerk as you may prefer) coming back to the Blue Team.

I think this will help us in rivalry games this year if this is the case. I think Prefontaine is a great kicker/punter…the last thing I recall from Jerk is watching Bill Parcells hit 373.1339 degrees Kelvin on the Dallas sideline after another widerightski. LOL

Setta should give us an edge on special teams.

Oski Wee Wee,

Nice Trade for The Green and Gold Guys..
Dose Vanderjagt Still have it ??
Well find out in the Preseason game in Toronto.

does vangerjagt punt? if so, how far on average?

( i know nothing of him cuz i dont watch NFL want didnt watch CFL b4 '05 )

As a Canadian, I have been a fan and damn proud of Mike, however, I think someone in the argos camp is nuts. Noel is still getting it done, while Mike may be done.

However, if mike has enough left in the tank to improve on his last seasons perfomance, and if the argos get what they should for Noel, look out.

i like noel, but his concussion problems scare me…ive watched him miss more and more ‘gimme’ kicks the last 2 years ( '05 playoffs quickly comes to mind as the beginning of his unwraveling ).

i think, perhaps, Pre is the one whos done.

He led the CFL in punting with a 44.9 yard average in 1997 (his last year in T.O.), but hasn’t punted since going to the NFL. Methinks they will bring in a punter to at least compete with him in camp if he does sign in Toronto.

Oski Wee Wee,

I like it when Forbidden Website Hall of Famer comes back. It just goes to further prove our credibility. Now we just need to update the site.

Good move for the Eskies, bad move for the Argos. Mike was a complete bust in Dallas! He does punt but his problem was always kickoffs. In Indy, they had 3 kickers on the roster.

I am thinking that maybe with the new salary cap police, Toronto may be paying Noel a bit too much!

Just a thought!

Mike was let go after one bad kick against the steelers in the playoffs only two and half years ago. he was the best kicker in the NFL for a number of years. he didn't miss a field goal all season (until pro-ball) in his second last year (maybe third,could be wrong)with the colts. i'm not looking up the stats on his dallas career, but i think it was 13 of 16, anyway, it was nothing worth dissing the guy over, even t.o. stuck up for him (that was just jerk parcells anyway).
this doesn't spell doom for the rest of the league, but this is by no means a downgrade-mike can kick long and accurate, and he has cfl experience.

All the better for Our young Kick Returners.. lol

Here's the thing...

If a player has the letters 'N.F.L.' on their resume, the Argos will salivate and jump hoops and through fire to sign them. Doesn't matter who it was. If, let's say, Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach came out of retirement and wanted to play football again, the Argos would sign him instantly. Even releasing KJ in the meantime. And why?? Because he has 'NFL' on his resume.

In this case, Pre is the much better kicker. But Vandy was in the NFL. That trumps everything in the Big Smoke.

All of you all put the crack pipes away, Van is the most accurate kicker in pro football history, by far better than Prefontaine. He's had a confidence problem due to one kick and i'm sure he's over it by now.

Who cares about kickers anyways, the league should ban kicking from the game of football lol. No more punting, field goals, extra points, let real football players decide the games.

speaking of crack pipes....

or is it crackpots?

Didn't Edmonton use their 1st pick last year on a kicker as well?
I think he was being groomed, and actually kicked in the last game of the year.

Nice planning!
But a 1st for Pre is a bargain.
He almost single-handedly beat us a few years back in a playoff game @ Toronto.

Pre for Van is just switching one question mark for another. Pre said on the FAN590 a few weeks ago that he still suffers from post-concussion symptoms. Besides, he hasn't been that consistent the last 2 years. I don't know if Van still has it either.

Other big news from TO is that OG Mike Pearson retired on Friday due to injury. His leg never healed. Pearson was the Argo's best O-lineman, the kind of guy you can build a line around. The East just got tighter.

An Argo-Cat fan

You all are aware Pre was 66% last year? I guess only in the CFL would that qualify as being a stellar kicker that should be hung onto like gold.

i love this trade. Noel is still one of the best kickers in the league and i think Mike is done. It's Good to see the argos make a bad move.

by the way is anybody else thinking about going to the argos home opener against us? i hear u can get tickets for $9 as a tribute to damon allen

Just checked out Vans stats from Dallas and they were better than Pre's last year. So there Toronto made a good move. Only a fool would say it was a bad move to replace a lousy kicker with one of the most accurate in the history of football. Even with Van off his game he's still better than Prefontaine. I'd rate Noel slightly ahead of Boreham in the fg department.

You take away 2 bad games from Mike and he would have been 95% for that season. It seems like in the CFL teams will tolerate at least 6 brutal games from their kicker each year. As long as he's Canadian.

Last year it was Steve Christie.

Now Vanderjagt.

Who's next ... The Big Z or Lance Chomyc?