This just in: Riders to detooth the Cats this weekend.

Riders rule, ticats will be drooling after this weekend as they will have no teeth. Have a great day.

I'm going to buy a green melon on Saturday morning and crap in it because that goes with what a lot of people think of the pukey green crap colour machine. :twisted:

Keep dreaming.Baggs and McIntyre are going to leave a Durant imprint in the turf at IWS when the day is through.Oh, and let's not forget Bruce who will be a frequent endzone visitor like he ALWAYS is against the Riders.Have a great day.

I guess it's appropriate one of the most popular symbols of the riderhood is an empty melon, since you wouldn't need a brain to come up with a taunt like that.

BURNED :lol:

Even a hollowed out melon would have considerably more brains than your average Rider fan. :twisted:

Oh my God... Hamilton and Winnipeg fans are uniting to rag on Saskatchewan...? :o

hell, Baggs is overrated, Riders didn't wanna make too much effort to get him because he's already older than who they have, who are just as good.

if they really thought he could truly make a huge impact on their team the Riders would have done everything in their power to get him Back.

Baggs has only had 1 great season.. this doesn't make him a superstar.

If he re-signed in Sask you would already be proclaiming him defensive player of the year.

Bull.You guys didn't sign him because you're floating Goodspeed's giant salary and footing the bill for that bidding war you won to get Dorsey.Far as I know the race for Baggs included Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Montreal and Winnipeg (and Toronto until they got Foley).Hamilton offered the most, thus he's a Ticat now.Don't lie, your forums were going nuts at the thought of Baggs possibly returning to SSK.He's a great DE and that's why he got scooped into the NFL.McIntyre and Baggs should be a formidable duo.

of course because most of them are like puppies and the Riders are the mother. figure it out.

I sat back and looked at it and came to the conclusion that he would not have made any major difference to our team

When you sat back, did you fall over and hit your head? You'd be the first to plan the Grey Cup parade if Baggs signed with the riders. Just remember what happened the last time the Riders played in Hamilton. The same thing will happen this week.

Here are some "Rider Pride" Facts

The Rider's have won fewer Grey Cups then any active team in the CFL with a total of 3. That is even fewer then four of the teams that aren't in the league any more.

The Rider's have the lowest win ratio at the Grey Cup of any active team, with a staggering low 0.176.

The Rider's have sustained the longest cup drought of any existing CFL team, after not winning the cup for 56 seasons between their founding in 1910 to their first win in 1966. They are also tied with Calgary for the third longest drought with 23.

Part of the reason why the "Rider-Nation" is so widespread in Canada is due to the harsh economic times in Saskatchewan during the 1980s and 90s, which resulted in an exodus of many rider fans from the province.

The Rough Rider's mascot, Gainer the Gopher is not actually a true gopher who are part of the Geomyidae family. He is modeled after Richardson's ground squirrel a rodent of the Sciuridae or squirrel family.

Do you not have toilets out East?

I'm curious who those other four teams are... :?

Univ. Toronto, maybe Queens, Sarnia Imperials, Parkdale, Balmy Beach, just guessing here, would have to look it up. Rough Riders of course.

I didn't even think of the colleges... That's lame. No one counts the colleges. :lol:

I should probably rephrase as I suppose competed for the cup should have been better words to you. I also did misspeak, one of those defunct teams are “tied” with the Riders. I’ll chalk it up to “Gang Green” of the brain. Even talking about the Rider’s is causing it.

Anyways the four teams are.

Ottawa Rough Riders - 9 wins
Hamilton Tigers - 5 wins
University of Toronto Varsity Blues - 4 wins
Queen’s University - 3 wins

However, just to cover our bases, the original 1946-1986 Montreal Alouettes, who are technically a separate franchise then their current incarnation, won 4.

This also means, the current incarnation of the Alouettes franchise has won only 2 (three if you count when they were the Baltimore Stallions) in the 14 (16 if you count the Stallions) years they've been in the league. Certainly a better win ratio then the Riders with 3 wins in 100 years.

Wow. I knew Ottawa had a nice collection of Grey Cups, but I didn't think they had 9. That's surprising.